sâmbătă, 26 septembrie 2009

Warm and Sunny

~~ Wow, I can't believe how fast summer flew away...and I can't believe September is almost gone already...Time flies away so fast!
~~ It's been a nice, sunny and warm week but last night the weather changed. Today hasn't been such a warm, sunny day but rather a cloudy, chilly one...It made me think that winter is actually knocking at out door. And, as much as I love Christmas, I can't forget how much I hate cold and wet weather!!
~~ I decided to share this drawing with you. It's not a new one, actually it is a few years old. I found it among my scrapbooks today and it made me think of winter...probably because of the tarboosh on the bird's head.(I know, that's actually a sleepy crow!)
~~ Wish you a warm and sunny weekend - if not outside, at least in your hearts!

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