vineri, 11 septembrie 2009


~~ Here I am, back online and with new drawings:)
~~ I would like to take this time and thank someone I like to call my friend, though deep inside I know we are mere acquaintances. If it wasn't for her beautiful inspiring paintings I would have never started to draw.
~~ Writing and drawing have always been dear to me, ever since I was a child. As a kid I would spend my time writing and re-writing my class notebooks and drawing -- fish, dresses, trees and little houses.
The thought that I was untalented stopped me from taking up drawing/painting classes.
~~ Years later I met this person, this beautiful person who brought back to life my appetite for drawing. Thank you Nic:)
~~ Also I'd like to thank Andra for supporting and encouraging me:)
~~ I know I'm not great at it, I'm not even good at it but it makes me happy to draw so I'll keep drawing....talented or talentless...'cause what's talent after all?

"Talent is the self-discovery and acknowledgement that you possess the interest and motivation needed to become exceptional in a specific area. To find out what a talented person look like, go look in a mirror! With a personal commitment, patience and dedication, you can develop your talent for drawing." (Brenda Hoddinott) ~~ If this is how an amazing, awarded artist thinks like, why would I think any different?!

~~Wish you all a great weekend:)

~~ "Butterfly"

~~ "I am a Witch"

~~ "I love you BooBoo Bear"

~~ "Purple BooBoo Bear"

4 comentarii:

Andra spunea...

stop being such a critic!

Denise spunea...

I like the Witch-
Hope you are having a good weekend!

Anna spunea...

D's you said: ' Writing and drawing have always been dear to me' - and you what you do it so so well. BTW your witch looks like baba-iaga, lol, same thing just different name that we used to when I was little. Anna :)

D's Poetry spunea...

Anna: Thanks for the comment - it's always nice to read from you:)
We do have a special name for that witch too - in my language that's usually called Baba Cloanta:)
Thank you for your supportive words:)

Denise: Huge hugs to you:) Hope TJ is feeling better!