sâmbătă, 28 martie 2009

Earth Hour

Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm.
Give your vote to Earth -- turn off the lights and celebrate Earth Hour.
Hear the voice of our Earth, feel the beat of the ground, be one with the world, heal the world...TURN OFF THE LIGHTS!

Earth Hour

poem by D. aka The Outlaws' Song

Turn off the lights

And Hush – the Earth is sleeping

Turn off the lights

Open your soul

The Angels are pleading

Turn off the lights

A second…or a minute

This Earth is bleeding

Turn off the lights

Let time freeze for a second

Allow this Earth to breathe again

The air of darkness

Save it from bleeding

Save it from dying

Turn off the lights….And listen

This Earth is living!

© 2009 The Outlaws' Song


~~Photo Credit: Sanmonku. See his gallery

~~Love this song: Michael Jackson - Earth Song

marți, 24 martie 2009

You've got the most unbelievable blue eyes I've ever seen

Who is the girl...?
poem by D. aka The Outlaws' Song

Who is the girl to see in the blue eyes

Like in a crystal bowl

This man's whole past

And the dead core of his immortal soul?

Who is the girl to love these eyes

Just in the way they need

And with her hands to touch his heart

And rip off all the weeds?

Who is the girl to see behind blue eyes

The restless soul there is

And with her light to chase away

All of that inner mist?

Who is the girl to love the man

Who holds a broken soul

And with the spirit of herself

To patch his wounds and holes?

Who is the girl to break the chains

That tie his poor heart

And with her laughter and her smile

To bring it back to life?

Who is the girl to give this man

The reason to live long

To give him hope, a ray of light

A reason to stay strong?

Who is the girl to love the man

With everything she has

To give him all, even her life

Without any repent?

Who is the girl to keep within her chest

A love so big for this old man,

That any day spent by his side

To be for her a fest?

He is a Beast who wears on skin

The tolls of Father Time

But who's the Beauty to reveal the Prince

And put him on cloud nine?

© 2008 The Outlaws' Song

~~ Photo Credit: Lolita-art
~~ I LOVE blue eyes :)
~~ I Love this song by Donna Lewis

duminică, 22 martie 2009

♥♥ Featured Writer ♥

~~ There are two places i call home when it comes about my poetry. When i first started to write i didn't imagine i would ever dare posting my writing and submitting it to the others' criticism.
~~My poetry's first home was Writerscafe.org. I admit that at first I was afraid of the other writers -- they are more experienced and more talented than me -- I was afraid of their opinions and reactions. To my surprise, they gladly welcomed me among them, supported and befriended me. Now, a year later, I feel richer -- I have new friends, friends I can count on and to whom I am bound by poetry. I feel prouder -- and I owe this to my friends because they have encouraged and supported me all along.
~~My writer friends are now a continuous source of inspiration, knowledge and encouragement to me and i want to
THANK them for everything they have said and done!
~~My poetry's second home is Coldcoffee.ning.com -- new friends, new sources of inspiration and knowledge.My good friend Rain recommended this place to me -- he's the coolest guy you'll ever meet and a very talented writer -- you can visit him here and here.
~~This wonderful bunch of crazily talented people from Coldcoffee made me the honor of featuring me as the
Writer of the Week. Isn't that just great and flattering?!
Isn't it wonderful when published writers call this little amateur poetess (which is me) the writer of the week?! What words would be good enough to thank them?! What reward would be great enough to pay back their support?!

~~I know which --
Doina, you must keep writing :):)
I am
happy!!!! ☺ ☻ ☺ ☻

The power of our feelings is what makes this planet revolve. Don't stop feeling." - by Me

sâmbătă, 21 martie 2009

♪ Music ♫

~~Music is a huge part of my life. I grew up with it,I love it, I learned how to play it. Music is a huge and continuous source of inspiration to me. As i was learning how to play it I discovered that music is an enormous and very interesting universe governed by sounds and feelings and only the power of the feelings can give this universe a meaning.

~~ "Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." ~Victor Hugo
~~ "Music is what feelings sound like." ~Author Unknown

Angel of Music
A Poem by The Outlaws' Song
"A tiny tribute to the only Angel i know i can always count on"

Piercing through my ears
Unlocking the most hidden chambers of my heart
Shaking each string, each feeling
In times of sorrow my heart breaking once again apart.

Angel of music
Thank you for existing
Thank you for the music
For making out of my sad story a wonderful sound

And when in bliss you hit me
Invading my veins with vibes so hard to gyve
Pumping in my heart the world’s entire power
Expanding it in love and trust

Angel of music
Thank you for existing
Thank you for the music

For singing an anthem of life’s happiest side
And in times of loneliness and sadness
You’re always here beside me
With sounds of wind-carried clouds and raindrops
You sing to me of the rainbows that after rain shine in the Sun

Angel of music
Thank you for existing
Thank you for the music
For teaching me with subtle tones the wisdom of the world

It’s wonderful how you’re always here
To embrace and fight away my fears
With divine harmonies you tune my soul
Cause even when I’m broken there’s a melody to make me back a whole
When I lie down holding up my breath
With tears of sounds you wet my eyes and bring me back the strength
And when I think I’m out of luck
You sing to me,telling I’m not alone in this misfortune stuck

Angle of music
Mentor of my life, healer of pain
You bring us all together
Make out of us brothers, not strays
All by yourself
You can move mountains aside
And let our wings fly high
~ up high.

Teacher of wisdom
And keeper of life’s key
You are a book of thousand stories
You are the ghost of history
Creator of huge open windows
Out of which I take my flight
You are the Guardian of Roads
That lead to the Great Light.

Angel of music
Thank you for existing
Thank you for the music
And for dwelling in me.

© 2008 The Outlaws' Song

~~ Photo credit -- IvSadovsky Photography (Thank you, girl -- ♥ you)

☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻

luni, 16 martie 2009

Red is the color of Love

My love,for you

by Doina aka The Outlaws' Song

I stand today in front of you
So frail, so thrilled, so white
I stand today in front of you
To speak a lifetime vow.

Our story is long and full of trips
To Heaven… and to Hell
'Cause as you know nothing can go
Always equally well.

But by forgetting the bad moments
It's how people build monuments
So, here in front of you i stand today
Remembering only the good days

You are a flower in the spring,
You are a feather in the wind ,
You are my heart, you make me feel,
You are a storm, never stand still,
You are a rainbow in the sky ,
You are my clown, you make me smile,
You are so silly and so tough,
On bad days you make me laugh,
You are my pie, my ginger-bread,
You call me "honey", I turn red,
You are my wings, my swan, my dove
In one word you are my LOVE.
You make me float up in the sky
Then gently you make me dive.
You light an arson in my body,
I love it when you turn naughty.
We run together through this life
Just like a husband and his wife,
You give me everything I need,
Just like a parent to his kid,
My trust in you will never end,
Because you are my true best friend.
Though I shouldn't be saying this
I always melt into your kiss.
Between us two there is no span
You are my lover, you're my man.

We need no words our feelings to express -
It seems enough if we caress.
And if you want to wipe my pain
Just hold me tight and call my name.
You are so confident and calm,
You hold my dreams into your palm,
You showed me the looks of love,
You save me when myself I rove,
You give me faith, comfort, relief,
You are the strong when I'm the weak,
You are my comfort when I cry,
You are the faith when I deny,
When I am broken you're my hope,
And when I fall you are the rope.
You are the music, you're my song,
You know I've loved you all along,
We have our secret, they don't know-
We have so many ways our love to show,
When we cuddle the skies break,
Because our feelings are not fake,
'Cause we make love in many ways,
Even when we are apart for days,
When we plant flowers, when we cook,
And at the landscapes when we look,
When we talk and spoil each other,
When we laugh and there's no bother,
When we hold each other in the arms,
And even when Sandman comes--
These are the ways our love to show,
Love has the colors of a rainbow.
We are two angels on a kiss,
We are two demons on a fist,
We are two doves on boundless sky,
We are two leaves that float in time,
We are two mermaids in an ocean,
We are the magic in a potion,
We are the arson and the flood,
We are the earthquake and the storm,
We are the princess and her knight,
You are my husband, I'm your wife.

I stood today in front of you
So frail, so thrilled, so white
I stood today in front of you
I spoke my lifetime vow.

© 2008 The Outlaws' Song

joi, 12 martie 2009

Have you ever tried to fly?!

~~Since i was a kid I've always wanted to fly...fly with my own pair of wings. I think this is the biggest impossible dream I have -- to fly like birds and butterflies -- with my own pair of wings. In my imagination flying feels amazing! I love feeling the air hitting my face, blowing in my hair, filling my lungs with its coolness. Flying is amazing but who says it is also simple?! We, humans, fly too though we don't have wings. We fly with our minds,sometimes our feelings are our wings and we let ourselves carried by them, we fly in our imagination, we fly trying to discover and reveal ourselves and just like birds, many times we fail, we fall and hurt ourselves.


by Doina aka. The Outlaws' Song

With a soul pure like a drop of dew
And with the wings of a dauntless angel
I fly…recklessly .. listlessly
I fly and I die
I die in the flight to myself.
Naive ...I play the game of open windows
I look through them
Trying to see who I am
But the windows are only mirrors
Reflecting lies, deceiving
I fly and I crash into them
I am falling down with my wings broken.

© 2008 The Outlaws' Song


~~ You give this poem whatever meaning you want!


marți, 10 martie 2009


~ I think Romanian is the most beautiful language on Earth. It tunes the words on so many different keys. It can express so many meanings and tones. It is spicy, complicated, sounds wonderful and I love it!
~ For those of you who do and don't understand Romanian, here is my poem "Suflet" (here translated as "soul")- the original version of "Broken Soul".


by D. aka The Outlaws' Song

Suflet rupt,rănit,ucis,
Prizonier în lanţuri prins,
Umbră a negrului trecut,
Înger trist şi muribund.

Suflet spart de porţelan,
Tablou murdar şi diafan,
Redescoperă ce ai fost ieri,
Un colţ de soare şi de cer.

Alungă praful suferinţei,
Aprinde flacăra credinţei,
Poartă-ţi pe umeri lumea grea.

Copil al Timpului şi-al Morţii,
Expoziţie de cicatrici,tu sclav al Sorţii,
Porţi pe chip mereu o dublă mască -
o parte plânge,cealaltă vrea să trăiască.

Te mulţumeşti cu ce primeşti,
Dar faci să pară că e ce-ţi doreşti,
Îti cauţi locul ne-ncetat,
Te temi de Timp şi de a fi uitat.

Nume de zeu creat prin trudă,
Icoană grea a celor ce ştiu să audă
Nu ai motiv să-ţi fie teamă de uitare
Numele tău e stâncă ce în veci nu moare.

Dar sufletul nu e facut din faimă,
Nici din monezi,nici din mărire oarbă.
El ţipă necontenit după iubire,
Traieşte prin credinţa,se-nalţă-n fericire.

Suflet rănit, tu caută iubirea,
Găseşte îngerul care să-ţi dea împlinirea,
Caută sufletul care să te-ntregească
Şi până la sfarşitul timpului să te iubească.

Caută îngerul care te vindecă cu o privire,
Căruia să i te dăruieşti fără clipire,
Pe cea care de tină să te şteargă,
De mâna ta până la capăt ca să meargă.

Caut-o pe cea care nu-ţi cere compromisuri
Dar care-ţi e alături şi in visuri ,
Pe cea care vrea sa iţi zâmbească,
Cu al ei spirit la loc să te lipească.

Pe cea care cu vocea cristalină
Nu te-ar lăsa să porţi asupra-ţi nicio vină.
Pe cea care de întuneric să te ocrotească.
Şi cu a ei lumină să te incalzească.

Caut-o pe EA-fata care să transforme ciobul în soare,
Tabloului trist şi murdar să-i dea culoare
Perechea ta, ecoul tău frumos şi vesel,jumătatea ta sortită,
Găseşte-o şi dă-i dragostea ta atâta timp rămasă nerostită.

Suflet rupt, rănit, ucis,
Căzut acum într-un abis,
Zâmbeşti când plângi şi taci când ţipi,
Ţi-e teamă de la pământ să te ridici,
Dar tu nu ştii ,suflet nefericit,
E vina ta că speranţa te-a părăsit,
Ai încetat să crezi şi-ai început să cazi
Într-un abis dureros şi nesfârşit
Unde numai lumina îngerului tău te-ar mai putea găsi.

© 2008 The Outlaws' Song


~It's raining and it's cold outside but in my heart it's spring. I feel warm and full of light.
I have walked into a new season and i feel hope. I am ready to make new resolutions, to dream and hope more than i did yesterday. It's Spring -- trees ready to bloom, flowers ready to open their petals, butterflies ready to reveal their colors and fly carelessly in the sky.

Spring Haiku?
by Doina aka The Outlaws' Song

Spring is my blue ocean
-- it carries the ashes away
I and the Sun
rise into a new day.

© 2009 The Outlaws' Song

duminică, 8 martie 2009


Broken Soul
by Doina aka The Outlaws' Song

Broken soul, torn and worn out,
Prisoner inside and out,
Shadow of a cold dark past,
Grieving angel and outcast,

Broken soul of porcelain,
Canvas overcast and so unclean,
Remember how you were in your past days -
Bright ray of Sun, pure drop of Rain.

Wipe away the dust of sorrow,
Relight the candle of tomorrow,
Stand up, don't kneel and crawl,
Bravely carry on shoulders your heavy world.

Child in Time and Son of Doom,
Exhibition of scars made up of gloom,
You wear on face double disguise -
One side is happy, the other one constantly cries.

You make yourself content with screeds
But make them look as if they're what you need,
You've never found the place where you belonged
You fear Time and people who forget your song.

Name of God made up of sweat and tears,
Heavy icon of those who can listen and hear,
Over you Oblivion will never lie,
Your name is carved in stones that never die.

But souls aren't made of dimes,
Nor of fame and glorious times.
They are like little turtle doves -
They need a pair and live through love.

Broken Soul go find your love
And through life together shove,
Look for the soul who can complete your puzzle
And take your time to heal, don't hustle.

Look for the girl whose eyes will never lie,
To whom to give yourself without a blink of eye,
The one who has the key your heart's core to unlock
By your hand, until the end of time, through to pain to walk.

The one who'd never ask for compromises for her whims,
But who would gladly follow you even in dreams;
Her, who would smile for you each night and day
And, when in doubts, would help you find the way.

Her, whose voice gives you the feel you'll never wilt
And who would never let you bare a guilt,
Her, who can chase away the dark inside your heart
And who would never let your old heart break apart.

Look for HER --
the girl who can turn your shards back into a piece of Sun,
Who can bring to life the canvas and reveal your colors one by one,
The pair...soul mate...echo..half of a soul so broken,
Find her and give your love for so long kept unspoken.

Broken Soul, worn out and torn,
Caged behind a locked up door
You are afraid to stand up from the ground,
You think to sadness you are bound,

But it's your fault your hope died -
you stopped believing and started downward to fly.
And now you find yourself in a precipice so harmful and so endless
Where only your Soul Mate could find you and heal you with tenderness.

© 2008 The Outlaws' Song

**This poem was initially written in Romanian. "Broken Soul" is a translation -- translating it from Romanian to English wasn't an easy task and this version still needs some editing to be done but my hope is that you enjoy the outcome of my efforts.
**"Broken Soul" was published in the "Shadowed Silence Magazine", issue #1/ 2008.
(Thank you, Kody!)