sâmbătă, 31 octombrie 2009

Spooky Halloween!

~~ Hello there!
~~ I hope you're having a spooky/happy Halloween!
~~ I'll leave you with a poem and with my best wishes of a wonderful weekend!
~~ Hugs your way!!

One dream, one reality

by T.O.S.

My eyes are now two little holes,
I'm all darkness, light is gone.
Big temptations I now see,
I don't know that deceptions they'll be.

God and faith, they are forgotten
I believe in Satan – my Darkened Master
For he promised to give me all
If I jump into his fiery hole.

Satan come into my dreams
And laughing, he told me this:
Do not go looking for me
For you'll find out there's no need
Cause I shall find you by myself
There's no place to hide from Hell.
For your soul, my dear disciple,
Your enemies I'll hurt and humble.
Guilty temptations in their eyes
I will put to make them fight
For so I'll steal their energy
And make them lie in misery.
With my cunning I allure,
The fallen I make endure.
Their desire’s price is high
Don't you see? I always lie!!
Cause temptations are a mask,
Fire and torture are the rest,
But you, people, are too proud
For a breath Heaven you want.
Usually you're so ignorant
You forget what's most important
Mephisto is my real name
You give your soul, I give you Hell.
You always live in fantasy
And blindly follow my blind alley
Real sinners - that's what I love
There's no escape – not even from the one above
To give my words credibility –
This ain't a dream; it's reality
Girl, you too thought I could be kind
But now, my dear, your soul is mine."

© 2008 The Outlaws' Song

marți, 13 octombrie 2009

Question for my readers

~~ Okay, so has any of you read the novel entitled Siddhartha by Herman Hesse?
~~ From what I know, Siddhartha was the novel that stood at the foundation of the Flower-Power movement.
~~ I read Demian by H. Hesse and loved it.
~~ So - for those who read Siddhartha - any special impressions or recommendations?
~~ I have the book in .pdf format and I'm looking forward to reading it but wanted your opinion first
~~ Thanks Wish you an incredibly wonderful week!

vineri, 2 octombrie 2009

...but I must find my way

~~ Sometimes my mind seems not big enough to fully comprehend why people act the way they do. I am not able to understand the reasons for hatred, malice, malevolence.
I do no understand why people, to whom once you have stretched a helping hand, choose to become ignorant to your needs.
~~I prefer to believe in and focus on the good half of each individual I encounter. I live with the conviction that each person carries Light and Goodness within it. And that there is something valuable in each of us - a talent, a virtue, a lesson, an idea.
~~ But many times I have been proven to be wrong. And many have answered to my goodness and empathy with malice and ignorance. And that hurts.....a lot.
~~ This poem below is not a very flucky piece of poetry but I'll share it with you.
It was written as a response to another poem, written by someone else. The other poem had a totally different message and was written in a very self-centered way - that's why I felt the need to write this one down.
~~ Here in this picture is my grandma, my wonderful and dearly loved grandma. She taught me to be good and show kindness to everyone.
~~ Thank you for stopping by, for bearing with me and sticking around:)

The Good Man
by 2na/T.O.S

The Good Man …

The Good Man is there,

Not pure, not perfect, not a saint

But The Good Man is there

Born by the power of God and all angels

Made by the power of own choice and will.

The Good Man is there-

Fighting his demons,

Erasing all possible masks,

Taking his chance,

Standing up for his beliefs

even when the world stands against.

The Good Man exists

Somehow there is a Good Man in all of us

It’s up to our choice to reveal his face to the world…

The Good Man is not strong as a wall

But he finds himself in an endless war with himself and his demons.

The Good Man is not perfect

But he finds himself in a ceaseless seeking of beauty and harmony.

The Good Man is not holy

But his passions find their roots in his seeking of truth.

The Good Man is there

But you won’t see him if you look for perfection

Being good is nothing easy

It takes patience, faith, trust and love

…for yourself and for the others

It takes Time, Strength and Errors.

The Bad Man is there too

But don’t despise him..

What would the Good Man be without the Bad Man?

The Good Man…

The Good Man is there

Not pure, not perfect, not a saint.

~ ~ ~

© 2008 The Outlaws' Song