duminică, 18 decembrie 2011

Christmas wishlist - part 3 - Plushies and Books

~Plushies have a special place on my Christmas wishlist :)

1. Lotso Bear available here :) I this bear.

2. These cute guys are available at Barnes & Noble ( here & here)

3. These cute little freaks are from here

4. EEyore is also available at B&N, right here. I him so much :)

~ And books.... also available at B&N and probably many others libraries.

1. Sylvia Plath - The Collected Poems

2. Dante - The Devine Comedy

3. W. Shakespeare - Complete Works

4. Anthony Burgess - A Clockwork Orange ( have already read it in Romanian, I'd like to try it in English too)

marți, 13 decembrie 2011

Christmas wishlist - part 2 - Perfumes & Lingerie :)

~ Burberry Sport & L'eau D'Issey Florale

~ A few hot items by Sarrieri available here :

~ And a few by Victoria's Secret available here :

~ Also from Victoria's Secret, a few cute, comfy pjs :)

miercuri, 7 decembrie 2011

Christmas wishlist - part 1 - UGG

~ I think I've started putting up my Christmas wishlist about a month ago... but not because I hope that Santa will bring me any item from my list...I won't even show it to any of my possible Santas...I just think it's cool to look for stuff you may need or simply like even if you don't need it.
~ After all, I can be my own Santa if I really want to :)
~ Here are a few UGG items I came across and thought they were cute enough to be added to the list :)

1. Evera Shoes

2. Knit Hobo

3. Josie Woman
4. Santa Fe Tote

5. Metallic Mini

~ all found here.