marți, 28 iulie 2009

So quietly she lays and waits for sleep

~~I drew this today while listening to the song below. The song is from "Twilight". I watched this movie twice a couple of days ago and was fascinated...I don't know why...I'm not a mellow person but I do like love-stories. And this is what I like in this movie- the love story...and Rob Pattinson's eyes,smile and voice:D


~~ The title of this post is a lyric from "Wait for Sleep" by Dream Theater.

joi, 23 iulie 2009

But the rain has brought the night /And the night has brought the rain

~~ I've been drawing a lot lately...I don't know why...I just feel the need to draw...
~~ I'm not feeling so good today -- the weather is disturbingly hot and somehow I feel sad...
I've been listening to the same song over and over in the last 2 days -- maybe it's its lyrics that make me sad...The song is called "I can't seem to make you mine" and is the soundtrack of the movie "The Lake House" (wonderful movie with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves)
~~ Daphne

~~ Just an ordinary girl

~~ Please, unlock me!


"I can't seem to make you mine
Through the long and lonely night
And I try so hard, darling
But the crowd pulled you away
Through the rhythm and the rain
And the ivy coiled around my hand"

miercuri, 22 iulie 2009

23rd of July 2008...

~~ This story is true and it's one of the memories I hold the dearest:) I wrote it 4 days after the show:)
~~ Words are too poor to express what I felt when I met my heroes...words are also too poor to describe what these people and their music mean to me...I grew up with their lyrics and riffs, I grew up collecting posters and buying their albums. I've loved them since I was 11 and I guess my love for them is endless.
Thank you ,guys! Thank you not only for the music:)

My Met Story

The dark mantle of the night falls down upon the city. The air is chilly and sends shivers to our bodies with each and every breath of wind. The stadium turns out too narrow for the crowd gathered to see the miracle. The crowd -- a herd of untamed beasts, all led by instincts, anxiously awaiting for their dream to become reality.
Their breath – nervously pulled out of their nostrils – turns into warm
steams that raise over the pitch like a gentle transparent rain-coat.
Their voices – rough and loud – lift up to the skies and break the deep silence of the night.
Eventually the miracle begins -- glorious, wonderful -- the pure sounds of “The Ecstasy of Gold” announce that the Gods are ready for the show.
All lights are on and pointing to the stage: “The Four Horsemen” – James, Lars, Kirk and Rob –show up saluting the crowd.

It’s a dream coming true!!!

It’s raining – the Lord’s tears pour on our skins blessing and baptizing the event.
We are soaked but who cares?! In the cold dark air both spotlights and raindrops play in the fiery rhythm of heavy music.
Our voices merge into a spiral of raw beauty and love and pierce through the clouds.
The fireworks and flames coming out of the stage give off a breath of Hell reminding us of the terrifying turmoil of war. Our voices become “One” sending to Heaven the grievance of all heroes dead on the front. The flames fade away in front of our eyes leaving behind tiny sparks that seem to be a million glow-worms gathered round in a mystical worship dance dedicated to the Gods.
Souls, bodies, voices -- they all sing into the night -- they sing the Anthems of Believing in Dreams, of Dedication, of Passion and (Self)Respect, of Perseverance.
Up there on the stage are our Heroes , our Idols, the Ones that we’ve been always looking up to. They are the ones who have taught us not to fear the “Sandman”, the parents who have told us the story of the “Creeping Death”. They are our Angels of Hope, the angels who breathe strength into our lives and “Whiplash” our dreads. They are our teachers and from them we’ve learned how to surpass our weakness, how to “Seek and Destroy” the frustrations. They are our imperfect gods who admit that there’s no righteousness “and Justice for All”.
Somehow, deep down inside our hearts, we know for sure -- the Gods love us just as much as we love them, even if they don’t know our names or faces or language. It’s a feeling that goes from soul to soul and we’ve chosen to let our souls speak tonight.
I raise my head to the sky and feel the pouring rain crash into my face. I lift my hands as in a prayer – a sign of gratitude towards Heaven. The earth is shaking under my feet. I sense the vibrations invading my body, entering every cell, opening each pore. I scream my lungs out, I howl and become one with the ground, one with the air, with the sound – one with the crowd and stage. It’s raw, savage and weird this feeling of losing yourself . I feel my body disintegrating – I’m melting into the crowd and becoming an undistinguishable part of a huge whole.
We share the night together – this ephemeral moment in time – and “Nothing Else Matters”. We’re wet with sweat and rain but we feel “No remorse”, not a bit of despondence.
The Gods teach us how to “Ride the Lightning”, we summon the “Master of Puppets” and ask “For whom the bell tolls”. We shout out loud the “Sad but true” story of the “Sanitarium” then scream the name of our “Harvester of Sorrow” – which is Time, for it flies away too fast and it takes the Gods away from us. But they say “So what? We shall return” and we send each other one “Last Caress” before the lights “Fade to Black”.

It’s over. A dream came true, a miracle happened!
For 24.000 people this is a day of history, a moment when time freezes and the rest of the world stops existing. It’s a moment in time when our hearts pulse with intense happiness and our souls feel the warm embrace of the Universe.

We leave the place although we want and need more. The puzzles of our souls have one piece less now because each and every one of us leaves a drop of their spiritual essence here. Our spirits have been touched by The Four Horsemen:
The Equilibrium and Open – Heartedness (Lars)
The Strength and Pride (James)
The Color and Mildness (Kirk)
The Electricity and Modesty (Rob)
We shall never be the same again!!!!!!!!!

It’s been a miserable day -- all rainy and muddy -- but Metallica have added a drop of gold at the end of it. These Alchemists – who turn into gold everything they touch – are the Heroes of the Day –Every day!!!!!!!


~~This is the story of the only Metallica concert I’ve ever been to and the one I’ve been dreaming about for the last 9 years of my life.
Words are too poor to express what I’ve felt ; love, respect, admiration, gratitude, humbleness – all of them have mixed up in my heart and become the most beautiful experience I’ve ever lived so far.

~~It’s been 4 days from the show now but the spiral of our reunited spirits and voices is still up in the sky - revolving and piercing through the clouds, shinning in the thick obscure of the night. Our spiral will live forever up there in the infinite grandness of the sky , reminding of the miracle we’ve witnessed on the 23rd of July!

My door~~
(The Chinese characters -- first row says "Wo ai ni" which means "I love you", second row is the phonetic transcription of my name, Doina )

On my piano..instead of a part~~

vineri, 10 iulie 2009

10th of July...5 years ago...

~~ My grandpa died 5 years ago...
I remember that day as if it was yesterday. The summer of 2004 was a very hot summer, unnaturally hot. My grandpa was 79 years old and had heart problems. The weather made him feel sick for a couple of days before his heart failed. He was tall and handsome, old and wrinkled on the outside but still young on the inside. He was a kind and childish soul and he loved sweets:D
~~ The night he died it rained like it had never rained before. It felt like the skies broke. Hellish thunders, huge lightnings and bean-sized raindrops and hail.
~~ One day before he passed I payed him a was the last time I saw him, literally. I remember that I had second thoughts about going to see my grandparents that day as it was so hot.
~~ I never saw his death coming that's why it was a huge shock for me. I went to his funerals but stood outside the chapel.I refused to watch him lying dead in the coffin.
In a way I never had the guts to say good-bye. I hate good-byes!!!
~~ My grandpa taught me how to swing without being pushed, in his hands is where I saw for the first time a bobbin and a rotor, from him I take the love for writing, he taught me what crosswords are and how to use hammers and nails.
~~ The empty place his death left in my heart is now filled with so many dear memories. If I close my eyes I can still hear his voice calling me and feel his huge hand grasping my hand.
~~ My only regret is that he is not here to see how much I've grown...
~~ I love you, grandpa:)Rest in peace beautiful soul!

vineri, 3 iulie 2009


~~ Wow, it's been over a month since I last posted on this blog. I apologize for my absence but it wasn't causeless.
~~ The main reason why I haven't been around much lately is that I dedicated more time to studying. I had a paper to finish and a final exam to pass -- I graduated college.
So now I have a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Social Work - YAY!!!
~~ I have come to the conclusion that my passion for music has been my savior in many situations (school related). Do you have any idea how many essays about music I wrote for my English class in high-school?!
In college I got an A+ on an essay about asylums. Our English teacher asked us to write and essay based on one of Erving Goffman's books and I chose the one entitled "Asylums". We were also requested to use two more sources and to express our own opinion about the chosen subject. Aside from my own opinion about asylums and the way the inmates are treated, the other two references where Coelho's book "Veronik decides to die" and Metallica's "Sanitarium". The teacher loved my essay so much she gave me an A+:)
~~ Music saved me again this year. In order to graduate we are supposed to write a paper (50-80 pages)and the final exam consists of a 20 mins presentation of the paper+ a couple of questions. My paper is about Emo adolescents and their relationship with their parents - a sociological qualitative research.
~~ Have I ever told you how much I love music and that my life would be so empty without it?!
~~ Anyway aside from college I haven't been doing much. I've read a couple of books ("Chronicle of a Death Foretold" by G.Garcia Marquez, "Madame Bovary" by Gustave Flaubert and some of R. Tagore's poetry) and drawn.
~~ I'm looking forward to going to the mountains with Andra and have some fun:)
Till then I guess I'll just keep myself busy with reading, drawing and housekeeping activities:P