miercuri, 30 septembrie 2009


~~ I decided to share this one with you because of two reasons - I think it relates well to the lyrics I chose for my previous post and because the presidential elections are knocking at our door, here, in Romania:)
~~ Enjoy:) And listen again to the song called "Tom Sawyer" by Rush!!

by 2na/ T.O.S.

You think you're free,

But you are slave to their stupidity.

You think you're well,

But you are ruined by their demagogy.

They sell you lies,

They say transition.

Why can't you see it's their ambition

To call like this our crisis?

They want you to choose them

Every time.

But in return they only give you

Promises and lies.

Freedom of speech – You bet you have it!

But only in your mind.

Because in real life you are too coward

To say what's wrong or right

You know your rights but you don't know how

To use them for yourself.

But every four years you learn how

To use them for their wealth.

You go now and choose the one

That you consider the best

Go and put another straw

To his comfortable nest.

All you have is for today

Cause you never know tomorrow.

With them leading you to nowhere

You'll soon see just pain and sorrow.

After choosing your "great" leader

You discover he has sins,

He loves crimes and assassins,

He uses you as toilet paper

Voice of rage you hear now screaming

Inside your ignorant mind

Between those cheap market clones – called politicians

Only the best you can't find.

Of course, now, you start to scream

That you want another leader

With your friends you make a team

REVOLUTION – is what now the best you consider.

Hey, you stupid man

Just turn and look behind your back,

You are the one who chose those men.

Why do you want to break their necks?

~~Photo by Taxony.

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Denise spunea...

You could not have picked a better song! Poli-Tricks- great word play, and so true!!