vineri, 29 mai 2009

Romanian Again....

~~ Okay, so here I am again posting a poem written in Romanian.
~~ I have tried several times to translate it but no acceptable version came out so far....
~~ Anyway, the title translates as "Shadow". It's a nice poem I wrote many years ago. And this is the quote that got me inspired to write this poem:
"Umbrele seamana, ce-i drept, cu intunericul, dar sunt fiicele luminii" - Lucian Blaga
("Indeed shadows look so much like Dark,but they are actually daughters of the Light")
~~ I remember this quote from the 12th grade. My philosophy teacher had a huge passion for Blaga. I had a huge passion for my philosophy teacher. He still has that passion for L. Blaga....and I might still have a little of that passion for him - what a great/crazy/nice/smart/funny guy!!!!
I remember him talking to me on my Prom night telling me about how he locked up his parents in the basement when he was little. Evil, right?!

by Doina aka T.O.S.

Ai o umbră…
Dar spune-mi sincer De câte ori te-ai gândit la rostul ei? Să fie ea doar un efect produs de lumină? Atunci de ce arată a întuneric? Umbra ta arată ca tine… dar nu e copia ta perfectă,nu-i aşa? Te-ai gândit vreodată că poate chiar TU eşti o umbră? Poate că şi tu eşti doar Umbra unui “TU” mai bun…

Port mereu cu mine un desen,
O schiţă întunecată...
O metaforă-ncurcată...
O enigmă încuiată…
Port mereu cu mine un desen…
…o umbră, Umbra Mea.
În fiecare noapte mă gândesc la ea…
Când amurgul matia-şi iveşte
Umbra mea la fereastră mă priveşte,
NICIODATĂ nu mă părăseşte
NICIODATĂ nu se odihneşte.
Când adâncită-s în somnul cel ceresc
Umbra-i soldatul care mă păzeşte
ŞI îmi veghează visul nelumesc.
Neobosită e în drumul ei,
N-o poţi opri oricât să vrei…
Pe ea n-o sperie lumina,
Nici Soarele n-o poate izgoni, nici Luna.
Şi stau şi mă întreb neîncetat
Din ce abis a evadat acest Desen ciudat pictat?
Prin ce minune a alchimiei
S-a născut această Fiică a nebuniei?
Oare-n tărâmul incendiilor păgâne
Să se fi născut acest Monstru fără nume?
Sau sus pe bolta cerului risipit
Să fi răsărit astă Pictură fără chip?
Şi-mi este atât de apropiat
Încât nu doar o dată
A făcut ce fac şi eu
Ci mereu
De scriu, scrie şi ea cu mine,
De ţip la ea, ţipă şi ea la mine,
De strâng din pumn şi-arată tot aşa mania
De râd îşi manifestă-ntocmai veselia
De plâng, văd pe obrazul ei ai suferinţei picuri,
De-am oboist şi nu mai pot, oftează din adâncuri.
Dar într-o seară am întrebat-o
Pentru întâia şi ultima dată:
- Suflare a-ntunericului şi fiică a luminii
De ce-ai venit? De ce nu pleci?
De ce mă chinui?
Dă-mi pace! Pleacă! Hai, nu pleci?!
Şi-atunci, în adâncul serii tomnatice şi reci
S-a petrecut minunea neuitată-n veci
- Dar, vai, mă doare, miracolul e prea puternic
Iar locul umbrei, văd bine acum, este statornic
Căci începând să se desprindă
De trupul ce-i sevise până-atuncea drept oglindă
Umbra-mi provoacă o durere nebunească,
O suferinţă ce urlă-n liniştea lumească.
Simt cum suflarea-mi lunecă din trup,
Cum oasele, unul câte unul, mi se rup
Aud cum trupul începe să-mi trosnească.
Cum mă impart în două lumi:
una a aştrilor, alta drăcească.
Şi cu efortul ultimei suflări reci şi murdare
O strig: “Hei, umbră, întoarce-te, iertare!”
Astfel sora mea geamănă se lipeşte iar de mine…
De atunci mă întreb mereu
Cine e EA?
Cine sunt EU?
Sunt eu EA?
Este ea EU?

© The Outlaws' Song 2006


~~ Photo credit: ~don-paolo -- see the picture here and his gallery here.

~~ Have a nice weekend!

luni, 25 mai 2009

"21, only son, but he served us well"

~~ Today I celebrate my 21st anniversary.Wow! Time passed so fast. Finally I am "legal" wherever I may go. I know this is a big thing in the U.S. but for us, Romanians, this big thing happen when people turn 18.
~~ Today is not going to be a very special day -- it's Monday and people are busy.
However it will be special because I choose it to be -- it's my birthday!
~~ 3 years ago in the exact same day I was at my prom, graduating high-school.
I turned 18 dressed up like a princess, in a very special place. Prom and birthday in the same night - wow!
~~ As a funny coincidence this is my 21st blog post too. In a few months I've reached 13 followers, aprox. 50 comments and 400 blog views -- it's not much but it is something:):)
~~ I feel proud -- in 21 years of life I have graduated 5 schools - Elementary, High-school, Music School and 2 colleges (actually I am days away from finishing college)- I made my parents be proud of me, I have met interesting people, I have reached some of my dreams, I have made one true friend, I have successfully dealt with weirdos and haters, I have recently fallen in love, I have had my 5 minutes of glory, I have experienced so many feelings and situations, I have seen so many things, I have started this blog and made it work, I have joined poetry sites and made so many new friends.
~~ I am curious about what this life has in store for me!I hope it's gonna be one hell of a ride!
~~ Wish you all a wonderful week!
~~ The text below was initially written for someone else. But since May is the last month of Spring, I guess this text works for me too:D:D
~~ Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every Spring Nature rises again and comes back to life...
...Every Spring You finish a chapter of your life and start writing a new one...
Doina, you are a Writer...
...may the pen you hold in your hand write the most beautiful and exciting stories
this year.

You are a Traveler...
...may this 21st road be smooth and out of dead-ends...may you run with the speed of Hell and fly with the wings of Heaven.

You are a Fighter... have as weapons the Strength of your Mind,the Shine of your Heart,the Sparkle of your Imagination and the Wit of your Spirit...may you use these weapons to win all battles, to pass all tests, to cross all boundaries.

You are Human...
...may you be humanly in love with life and with yourself this year...

You are a Flower...
...may you bloom in health, love, joy and happiness this year and every year on the 25th of May!

Happy Birthday!

~~ It is a little awkward to make b-day wishes for yourself, isn't it?
~~ Anyway, this b-day wish works for anyone born between March and May:) You just need to change the name, the b-day and the number of her/his age.
~~ For those who don't know -- the title of this post is a lyric from a song called Disposable Heroes by Metallica. One of my favs.
~~ Please watch the vid -- it's way too funny:)

sâmbătă, 23 mai 2009


~~ This poem is about Me. I wrote it some time ago..I'm almost 21 yrs old but I still feel the way I felt a few years ago when i wrote this.
~~ People let themselves blinded by appearances.
~~ Don't consider it a lack of modesty:)It's just that I've met too many people who questioned my value and betrayed my trust.That's about it:)
Heavy Golden Box

by Doina aka The Outlaws' Song

I'm just a girl

jailed inside a heavy golden box

I'm trapped under my beauty

I'm locked up with brightness

I'm caged in too much trust

And I'm alone

Jailed inside the heavy golden box

I seed love – harvest envy

I dig for beauty – receive hatred

I sow hope – get vengeance in return.

You are just "robots"

Caught inside your iron shells - so empty inside

You are prisoners of ugliness

You are tied up with wickedness

You are blinded by darkness.

So, you wantonly say

Without even trying to see

She is … cold as ice

… far as stars

… lonely like deserts

… unconquerable like islands

I know

There's no need of a mirror

I seem strong

I look invincible

I appear out of reach.

But no one knows

My golden box is very heavy

No one goes beyond my smile

No one looks behind my strength

No one tries to unlock my core.

And yet … somehow you know

I can be so many things

Now – a free bird

Then – a pure flower

Forever – a blinding ray

… a woman, a child, a human being.

But you are blind

You can't see me down here

Sighing like a hungry child

Craving for love

Calling for attention

Being in need of company


Infinitely deep inside the heavy golden box

… weakness dwells

… distrust grows

… loneliness lingers

… tears drip.

A mystery

That's what I am inside

Hidden by a golden box

Whipped with your hatred

Stifled by your envy

Deafened by your silence

Hurt by your malice.


You dreadful dehumanized fools

You hate my beauty

You envy my brightness

You crush my trust

You are all blinded by nothingness –

That's why you can't stand the mystery

inside this heavy golden box.

© 2007 The Outlaws' Song

joi, 21 mai 2009

~Drawings and Songs~

~~ Just a random post...:)
~~Miss Eye For Design~~

~~**Alanis Morissette - Are you still mad**

~~My little Brownie Bear~~

~~** Limp Bizkit - Eat you Alive**

~~I love you Devil~~

~~** The Cranberries - When you're gone**

~~The Purple Purble~~

~~** Kings of Leon - Use Somebody**

~~My Tiny Turtle~~

~~**Alanis Morissette - Uninvited**

duminică, 17 mai 2009

In Love...

~~ I think I might have fallen in love...
...I'm happy...and I felt the need to say it:)
Love is nice:)..I guess...
~~ I wrote this poem 3 or 4 years ago...for my first love...I was in high school back then...We've never been together..lack of timing...when I wanted him he was taken...when he wanted me it was too late..but I do keep a dear memory of that time..
he's still a very sexy and nice guy..the genuine kind of rocker..leather cloths, tattoo, looong hair, motorcycle...:D
~~ Now I look back at it and laugh..laugh about my bitter-sweet memory:)
~~ Wish you a LOVELY Sunday and a love-filled new week:)

Angel for you
by 2na aka T.O.S.

I wish I were your angel
To cry at night your tears,
Always to stand beside you,
To hold your pain and fears.

I wish I were your angel
To keep alive your hope and trust,
To sleep inside your body,
To refrain your evil greedy lust.

I wish I were your shadow
To lay under your steps,
To make your path seem smoother,
To fall in your stead in the traps.

I wish I were your angel
To stop you from turning blind,
To try not to let you turn wicked,
To wake up your frisky inner child.

I wish I were your angel
To fly up to the stars,
To grab a star from up there,
With its ray to heal your scars.

I wish I were your inner child
To hide beneath your skin,
To make you pure and frail and naughty,
To show you how to be keen.

I wish I were your angel
To brighten up the path that’s right,
To walk beside you on the way,
To clear up your tired sight.

I wish I were your angel
To show up in your dreams,
To wipe away your bitter tears,
To answer to your desperate screams.

I wish I were a hungry wolf
To howl inside your heart,
To turn you free, listless and wild,
To teach you the hunting’s art.

I wish I were your angel
To love each second of your days,
To fight away your dreadful nightmares,
To be your over-army in the frays.

I wish I were the woman
Who sleeps with you tonight.
I wish I were your Bright side.
Oh, I just wish you were mine.

© The Outlaws' Song

~~ This is for YOU

duminică, 10 mai 2009

Flowers for my Angels...

~~ For my Mom and Granny- I love you and thank you:)

Thank you.....

For raising me up
For being here for me
For smiling at me
For caressing me with your tenderness
For teaching me
For showing me that my feet fit better on the ground than up in the air
….and that my head sits better on my shoulders than among the clouds
For letting me dream
For believing in me
For sacrificing yourselves for my wealth
For infusing fresh courage into me
For existing
For re-experiencing your teen age with me
For letting my wings grow
For teaching me how to fly
For being a part of me
For loving me
Thank you

Because memories don’t die
Because I’ll miss you…

~~ Happy Mother's Day for all the mommies who read my blog!!
~~ Photo credit: picture #1 - AvanteGardens and picture #2 - ApartmentTherapy

marți, 5 mai 2009

I love you and I miss you....

~~ Dear Grandpa ...
Dear grandpa
by Doina aka The Outlaws' Song

Dear grandpa,

One day I went looking for you,

But everything around me

Seemed to keep your secret

Please, grandpa, share it with me and tell me:

Are you a cloud…,…or a leaf…,…or a mountain?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear grandpa,

One night I left my home to look for you,

But the dark outside rendered my way difficult.

And the trees' shade hid you so well that I couldn't find you

So, dear loved grandpa, please tell me:

Are you a wave…,…or a root…,…or a star?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear grandpa,

One summer I left my friends to look for you

But the burning sun blinded my eyes

It dried my skin and stifled me with its heat.

So, grandpa, I beg you please tell me this:

Are you a bug…,…or a flower…,… or a fly?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear grandpa,

One winter I left my family to look for you,

But the wind pushed me aside my way

And the coolness broke me to pieces

So, grandpa, have mercy and tell me:

Are you a rain drop…,… or a snow flake…,… or a thunder?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear grandpa,

When there was no place left to search,

I thought to look for you among the animals

But I didn't know where to look firstly:

In the boundless heights of the sky,

In the dangerous caches of the jungle,

Or in the mysterious depths of the sea.

So, I'd like you so much to tell me:

Are you an eagle… … or a tiger… … or a shark?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear grandpa,

One spring night found me thinking of you

And lost In memories, staring to the moon

I wondered:

Grandpa of my heart

Are you a timid ray… …or a tiny shadow… …or a tired ghost?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear grandpa,

Surprisingly, after many restless nights, I fell asleep

And when the old Sandman sent me to the land of dreams

I asked you more ardently than ever

Dear loved grandpa

Are you the echo of my voice… …or the sadness in my cries… …or the fear in my eyes?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

But, dear grandpa,

When I woke up I realized that you're the angel on my shoulder

For you're my dearest memory

And no matter what else you may be

You will always be beside me.

There's no need to go that far looking for you

Because you are in here, deep down inside my heart.

~~ "If you want to pick a fruit you have to ask the tree to give it to you"
~~"Life will steal many dear things from you but...."
~~"Keep in touch"
~~ "Te iubesc" means "I love you" in Romanian.

sâmbătă, 2 mai 2009

Not the perfect teddy bear.....

~ I'd like to share with you two things for today:
~~ A drawing ~~

and ~~ A childish thought...~~

I Want

by Doina aka The Outlaws’ Song

I want to paint the sky in red

I wanna take away the clouds

In snowdrops to turn the dread

Instead of stars to put a smile.


I want to fill the world with joy

To turn the hate into our bliss

Putting all demons in a toy

To turn the nightmares in a kiss.


I want to turn the tears in diamonds

And all the fears in many lions

I wanna make the laughter be a wont

And tears of joy be shed with billions


I’d turn the sinners in believers

I’d turn all people in magicians

Burdens in wings - I’d twist’em so

And color black I’d make a rainbow.


I want to turn the wounds in scars

So they remind us we were wrong

Eventually I’d make them stars

The wrong path to be reminded from above.

© The Outlaws’ Song 2008


~ Wish you all a marvelous weekend and a fruitful month.

~ Drawing by Me, a little modified on :)