duminică, 22 august 2010

"I need a light, man" - tribute to a friend

~~ This post is a tribute to my friend, Rain. He is one of the awesome writers I have encountered on the internet. When I first started to share my poetry on the web I was afraid that the other writers might not welcome me, since English is my second language and my writings are not as profound and as expressive as theirs.
~~ Rain was one of the wonderful persons who have taken me in and supported me. He is a great writer - very profound, very expressive - his style is unique - great patterns, interesting messages that are not hard to follow through the details, the imageries and the figures of speech.
~~ Here is one of his poems - "I need a light, man"

man, i need a light
to light my cigarette
to find my way
i need a light that chases rats away
not some ordinary light you buy on ebay
i need a super duper light
a light that warns in coming ships light
a bright light, and end to life light
i want a light that blinds the sight light
i'm tired of being in the dark
i need a light up the night light
no batteries...no plugs
a light that shines on the thugs light
that shows me what's right light
i can't use no pen light
got no use for a brake light
i want one of those hollywood premiere lights
criss cross the sky light
i want don't want star light, sun light, head lights
kill the bugs at night light..
i don't want no candle light
no downtown neon light
i'm scared of shadows and cats
creepy clowns and lamp post bats

man, i need a light
can't see shit from this night stand
i want an industrial strength light,man
give me something that makes lie's run
i'm sick of standin in the shadows of the sun
not sure what's real..
not sure what i feel
because they hide the truth they steal

man, i need a light
nothing but the facts, mam
not some jazz from graceland
not some warm milk from never never land
never play chess with a blind man
or follow a cat with an armband
i want to know my cash is right
you can't see change with a flashlight
i want a light that's always on
not now you see it...now it's gone
show me the promise land light
just something i can hold on tight
i need a light, man

© Ray Neighbor

~~ You can find Rain here
~~ Drawing by Me :)

luni, 16 august 2010

:) Work.....

This is the newest extension of my body. This thing, or better said creature, is widely known for ringing especially when you are not in your office – which doesn’t mean that you are outside, smocking cigarettes, but you are in other offices with business.

If you find yourselves bound to this type of creature make sure that you have some nice colleagues around, ready to take the calls for you – I, for one, have been blessed with a few such colleagues.

If you weren’t lucky enough to find some kind people to answer the phone in your stead than be happy – the creature will help you save a pretty penny cause with all the running to answer the phone you won’t need to work out in weekends. A few days as a secretary and you will notice an improvement of the muscular tonus, better breathing, awesome heart rate. I can’t guarantee for your nervous system, though. And no, I’m not whining.

Back to our creature – aside from the times when it becomes a total pain in the ass it is the greatest device to get in touch with some awesome people (with funny accents)– like Daniel, Mrs. Niebergall, Shine and Louise, Matthew,etc.

Playing with this baby is not as complicated as it looks like, though the first time I saw it I though – “I’d rather learn how to fly a plane than learn how to use this thing”. But it’s a friendly creature after all. And it covers a big part of my job. I picked a cute ringtone for it, I gave it a name – which is Boo – and now it is all mine :)

sâmbătă, 7 august 2010


~I love fish~

The guy below was in a aquarium along with other fish - each of them representing a character from the cartoon called "Finding Nemo". Unfortunately, he was the only one who wanted to pose for me.

~Beautiful creature~

A couple of weeks ago I found a butterfly on my balcony, trapped between the windows. It was so beautiful, so colorful and so scared,moving its wings almost with the speed of a hummingbird.
I helped him find his way out. He climbed on my fingers, touched me so gently and so softly, and he flew away. I regretted not taking a picture of him. To my joy, a couple of days later, while walking outside with Andra, I saw another butterfly, identical to the one I had found on my balcony. These butterflies are playful and fast, so it's pretty difficult to take pictures of them. I did manage to take one picture though.

It is said that when a girl finds a ladybug it is a sign that she'll get married soon. I found this little one crawling up on one of my bedroom walls. Then it flew and rested on my arm for a few minutes.
Will I get married in the near future?!

~A moment of tenderness - Andra & Tina~