luni, 17 august 2009

Happy B-day, Best Friend!

~~ At some point in the past Andra and I planned to start a business....create, design and sell greeting cards and prints using her photographies and my poems.
We never actually start the business though we had plenty of ideas and materials.
The text designed by me for one of the cards was the following:

__"Our relation has always been special…colorful…unique.

We’ve gathered so many memories over the years…and there’s not one important moment of my life that we didn’t share.

Adventures, misfortunes or raptures we’ve tasted them together and there is no other friendship I cherish more than yours.

You are my closest friend and that is why I need to confess how our friendship translates to me:









for being a true friend!"

~~ Andra might not know but she was my source of inspiration for this text.

~~ Today is her birthday! She turns 21!
Much love to you, girl, and thanks for the awesome day we've spent together!!

~~ PS: Andra, do you remember how we called our business? (l0l)
~~ Visit her blog here