sâmbătă, 2 mai 2009

Not the perfect teddy bear.....

~ I'd like to share with you two things for today:
~~ A drawing ~~

and ~~ A childish thought...~~

I Want

by Doina aka The Outlaws’ Song

I want to paint the sky in red

I wanna take away the clouds

In snowdrops to turn the dread

Instead of stars to put a smile.


I want to fill the world with joy

To turn the hate into our bliss

Putting all demons in a toy

To turn the nightmares in a kiss.


I want to turn the tears in diamonds

And all the fears in many lions

I wanna make the laughter be a wont

And tears of joy be shed with billions


I’d turn the sinners in believers

I’d turn all people in magicians

Burdens in wings - I’d twist’em so

And color black I’d make a rainbow.


I want to turn the wounds in scars

So they remind us we were wrong

Eventually I’d make them stars

The wrong path to be reminded from above.

© The Outlaws’ Song 2008


~ Wish you all a marvelous weekend and a fruitful month.

~ Drawing by Me, a little modified on photobucket.com :)

3 comentarii:

Anne spunea...

I love your teddy bear! It is exactly like the one I had when I was about 5-6 years old.But mine was missing his nose button.
It is odd, I find that I like the same things you like and we are two generations apart. I too will follow your blog because inspiration knows no bounds or age limits.

Nicole Leigh spunea...

Great drawing D!!! Keep it up, was it fun for you to draw?!

Gary Keimig spunea...

Thank you for checking out my blog,and I find yours very heart filled and a blessing to read.
God bless and keep it going.