vineri, 24 aprilie 2009

Black Swan....

~~ This post is dedicated to my best friend, Andra aka Iv Sadovsky! (click to visit her blog)
~~ We went to the park today and watched the swans! What beautiful and most graceful birds! And so devoted!
~~ I love black swans..Quiet and graceful! Beautiful like a canvas painted by God! And devoted for life to one half!
~~ Many times I used their name as a nickname for me. Maybe you can make the connection between them and my yesterday post!
~~ The poem is written in Romanian but I promise to post it again as soon as I finish translating it!


by Doina aka The Outlaws' Song

Pluteste pe apa ca un fulg patat

Pe apa lacului involburat

Departe...prea departe in singuratate

Pluteste pe firul zilelor numarate

E frumoasa si o stie prea bine

Desi sta cu capul plecat in Apus

Isi etaleaza cu eleganta liniile fine

Iar in ochi ii arde un foc nespus


E o lebada neagra...singura pe lacul uitat

Desi nu mai spera niciodata n-a-ncetat

Sa-si caute pe lumea asta perechea sa

La fel de frumoasa si de neagra ca ea

O lebada neagra...odata...candva...

© 2009 The Outlaws' Song

~~ Photo Credit -- Iv Sadovsky (photo gallery) - Thank you for being such a wonderful friend!

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Iv Sadovsky Photography spunea...

Thank you dear:)

Lisa spunea...

What a beautiful sentiment! I've never seen black swans. There are some white swans in a pond near my house that is located in a subdivision of condominiums. They probably have no idea they aren't out in the country! Watching them is a wonderful experience and great way to connect with nature and appreciate the miracles of it! Have a great weekend!

Be~Jeweled by Jana spunea...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog! You have made my day!

Chris Chisu spunea...


D's Poetry spunea...

Iti multumesc, Chris! :)
Promit sa postez si alte poezii in romana pe viitor:)

D's Poetry spunea...
Acest comentariu a fost eliminat de autor. spunea...

lovely blog..
mona & the girls
you must be a wonderful friend :)