duminică, 17 mai 2009

In Love...

~~ I think I might have fallen in love...
...I'm happy...and I felt the need to say it:)
Love is nice:)..I guess...
~~ I wrote this poem 3 or 4 years ago...for my first love...I was in high school back then...We've never been together..lack of timing...when I wanted him he was taken...when he wanted me it was too late..but I do keep a dear memory of that time..
he's still a very sexy and nice guy..the genuine kind of rocker..leather cloths, tattoo, looong hair, motorcycle...:D
~~ Now I look back at it and laugh..laugh about my bitter-sweet memory:)
~~ Wish you a LOVELY Sunday and a love-filled new week:)

Angel for you
by 2na aka T.O.S.

I wish I were your angel
To cry at night your tears,
Always to stand beside you,
To hold your pain and fears.

I wish I were your angel
To keep alive your hope and trust,
To sleep inside your body,
To refrain your evil greedy lust.

I wish I were your shadow
To lay under your steps,
To make your path seem smoother,
To fall in your stead in the traps.

I wish I were your angel
To stop you from turning blind,
To try not to let you turn wicked,
To wake up your frisky inner child.

I wish I were your angel
To fly up to the stars,
To grab a star from up there,
With its ray to heal your scars.

I wish I were your inner child
To hide beneath your skin,
To make you pure and frail and naughty,
To show you how to be keen.

I wish I were your angel
To brighten up the path that’s right,
To walk beside you on the way,
To clear up your tired sight.

I wish I were your angel
To show up in your dreams,
To wipe away your bitter tears,
To answer to your desperate screams.

I wish I were a hungry wolf
To howl inside your heart,
To turn you free, listless and wild,
To teach you the hunting’s art.

I wish I were your angel
To love each second of your days,
To fight away your dreadful nightmares,
To be your over-army in the frays.

I wish I were the woman
Who sleeps with you tonight.
I wish I were your Bright side.
Oh, I just wish you were mine.

© The Outlaws' Song

~~ This is for YOU

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Lisa spunea...

I just love the sweetness that can always be found on your blog! You are hearts and I am smiley faces. those are things I guess we can't help! :) Have a great day!

Nicole Leigh spunea...


Anna spunea...

You are one sweet sweet girl? Love is magical. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your lovely poem. Anna :)

Denise spunea...

Very nice!