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~~ This poem is about Me. I wrote it some time ago..I'm almost 21 yrs old but I still feel the way I felt a few years ago when i wrote this.
~~ People let themselves blinded by appearances.
~~ Don't consider it a lack of modesty:)It's just that I've met too many people who questioned my value and betrayed my trust.That's about it:)
Heavy Golden Box

by Doina aka The Outlaws' Song

I'm just a girl

jailed inside a heavy golden box

I'm trapped under my beauty

I'm locked up with brightness

I'm caged in too much trust

And I'm alone

Jailed inside the heavy golden box

I seed love – harvest envy

I dig for beauty – receive hatred

I sow hope – get vengeance in return.

You are just "robots"

Caught inside your iron shells - so empty inside

You are prisoners of ugliness

You are tied up with wickedness

You are blinded by darkness.

So, you wantonly say

Without even trying to see

She is … cold as ice

… far as stars

… lonely like deserts

… unconquerable like islands

I know

There's no need of a mirror

I seem strong

I look invincible

I appear out of reach.

But no one knows

My golden box is very heavy

No one goes beyond my smile

No one looks behind my strength

No one tries to unlock my core.

And yet … somehow you know

I can be so many things

Now – a free bird

Then – a pure flower

Forever – a blinding ray

… a woman, a child, a human being.

But you are blind

You can't see me down here

Sighing like a hungry child

Craving for love

Calling for attention

Being in need of company


Infinitely deep inside the heavy golden box

… weakness dwells

… distrust grows

… loneliness lingers

… tears drip.

A mystery

That's what I am inside

Hidden by a golden box

Whipped with your hatred

Stifled by your envy

Deafened by your silence

Hurt by your malice.


You dreadful dehumanized fools

You hate my beauty

You envy my brightness

You crush my trust

You are all blinded by nothingness –

That's why you can't stand the mystery

inside this heavy golden box.

© 2007 The Outlaws' Song

4 comentarii:

Denise spunea...

Very strong in emotion and thought.
well done!

Anna spunea...

Doina I have to tell you that I have experience the same over the years, and yet now I feel like that too, may be it is not coincidental that I like your blog and you as a blogger. Thanks for sharing, this is beautiful, and very profound poem. Anna :)

Iv Sadovsky Photography spunea...

stii doar ca asta-i favorita mea

D's Poetry spunea...

Thank you very much,ladies!
Much Love to you all!