joi, 21 mai 2009

~Drawings and Songs~

~~ Just a random post...:)
~~Miss Eye For Design~~

~~**Alanis Morissette - Are you still mad**

~~My little Brownie Bear~~

~~** Limp Bizkit - Eat you Alive**

~~I love you Devil~~

~~** The Cranberries - When you're gone**

~~The Purple Purble~~

~~** Kings of Leon - Use Somebody**

~~My Tiny Turtle~~

~~**Alanis Morissette - Uninvited**

2 comentarii:

Denise spunea...

The turtle is so sweet!! I love that precious look on his face!
Thank YOU so much for visiting my blog! I missed some of your comments and just saw them!!
You are very kind!

Iv Sadovsky Photography spunea...

i so hate ~~The Purple Purble~~ :|:|:| it's fat...but the rest of them are great...i love the last one:((