joi, 23 aprilie 2009


~Sometimes I experience this feeling of inner loneliness. I reached the age when I am searching for my other half...but I don't feel pressed by any kind of exterior factors to rush in my search. I'm only 20 and I know I still have plenty of time to find that missing piece of me but this feeling of loneliness is killing me sometimes.
~My sign are Castor and Pollux (The Twins)- the eternal proof of true love and brotherhood.
Though twins, Castor and Pollux weren't born from the same seed - Pollux was the son of Zeus, hence he was immortal, while Castor was born from the seed of a mortal man. Their love was so intense and the bond between them was so strong that Pollux decided to share his immortality with his twin, though that meant that they'd be forever separated. 6 months up with the Gods and 6 months down with the mortals - this is how the twins exchanged places and lived until they were both killed.
The feeling on longing and incompleteness lingered in their hearts till the end of their days, when they were transformed into stars and meant to be together forever.
~ This is just an old Greek legend...but who knows?! Maybe there is a bit of truth in it. What I know is that this feeling of loneliness and incompleteness comes back to me from time to time with no reason.
~~ Drawing by Me, manipulated on - please excuse the paper..I made it on one of my school notebooks :D

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Iv Sadovsky Photography spunea...

las'o bah ca merge'asa

Kitty spunea...

oh, what an honest post.

Being single is tough, but there are so many benefits to it. And being young and learning about yourself is tough, too. I know.

Everyone goes through the lonely moments, which might be a comfort to you. No one is immune.'s the kicker, even when you find someone you love and love spending time with, you'll still have the lonely moments.

why? because that person will probably not see the world exactly as you do, and will not experience exactly what you do. It can also feel lonely having this one wonderful person in your life. You can feel even more vulnerable because of it, because without that one person, where would you be?

I highly recommend communing with nature and nurturing many friends. One friend may see the world the way you do, another may share your distinct sense of humor. This way if one friend is busy or moves away, you won't be abandoned.

Hope you're feeling better.

D's Poetry spunea...

Thank you Kitty for the nice words and concern! Thank you so much!