sâmbătă, 18 aprilie 2009


~~ I guess Easter is about forgiving and letting the Divine Light inside your heart.
I also guess Easter is about believing more and questioning less.
I am not a religious person..i don't go to church very often but when I do go I make sure I am the only one inside. I like listening to that silence...the silence you can hear only inside of a church...a divine silence that echoes between the cold walls.
In that silence I hear my thoughts..I hear the real me...the ME that wears no masks, the ME behind the appearances...the ME released from the rules of society...just ME.
In that silence I meet myself, I hear myself, I become aware of how I feel and of what I want, I listen to myself and I can see myself.
~~I am not a religious person as in a person who believes in the words of the Bible.
But i am religious is my very own way. I know I carry God's signature on my soul and I can feel Him dwelling inside of me. I know for sure that He hears me and I also know that when the time is right He answers back.
My God is a stronger version of me...He is my enlightenment and my hope...the helping hand that reaches out for me when I am in need...
~~ I've never taken the time to put my beliefs in order and this post is like a talk to myself...
I will come back to this subject later on. I still have to ponder.
~~ Anyway...the point for today was to write about Easter because this is what I celebrate tonight.
As i was cleaning up the house and helping my mom to cook today I realized that many of the Holidays we celebrate have become only a reason to eat...to eat special food that we cook once or twice a year. These Holy Days have lost so much of their spiritual meaning...
I look at the people around me and I hear them worrying about how to split their time between cooking and cleaning on time.
But what about a prayer?! When was the last time they have said one?
-Does anybody remember why we celebrate Easter?!
-Hmm, we celebrate it because someone died?!
-Yeah-- but Who died? And Why? For Whom?
-Well...that's not so important. After all He did returned from the dead, right?!

~~ Happy Easter, everyone! And please -- don't forget to remember who died, why and for whom! It's important!!!
~~Many blessings to all of you!

~~ Can you hear God in her voice? I can.
~~ Photo Credit : *shimoda7

2 comentarii:

Iv Sadovsky Photography spunea...

Sa nu-l stergi, imi place...mai ales ce ai scris la sfarsit...Imi plac intrebarile...si da ai dreptate sarbatorile au devenit un scop pentru a bea si a manca mai mult decat de obicei...pacat.

Anna spunea...

Wow this is one excellent easter post! Happy belated Easter. You said: 'I like listening to that silence...the silence you can hear only inside of a church' - me me too, especially on the Good Friday! Excellent again, Anna :)