marți, 24 martie 2009

You've got the most unbelievable blue eyes I've ever seen

Who is the girl...?
poem by D. aka The Outlaws' Song

Who is the girl to see in the blue eyes

Like in a crystal bowl

This man's whole past

And the dead core of his immortal soul?

Who is the girl to love these eyes

Just in the way they need

And with her hands to touch his heart

And rip off all the weeds?

Who is the girl to see behind blue eyes

The restless soul there is

And with her light to chase away

All of that inner mist?

Who is the girl to love the man

Who holds a broken soul

And with the spirit of herself

To patch his wounds and holes?

Who is the girl to break the chains

That tie his poor heart

And with her laughter and her smile

To bring it back to life?

Who is the girl to give this man

The reason to live long

To give him hope, a ray of light

A reason to stay strong?

Who is the girl to love the man

With everything she has

To give him all, even her life

Without any repent?

Who is the girl to keep within her chest

A love so big for this old man,

That any day spent by his side

To be for her a fest?

He is a Beast who wears on skin

The tolls of Father Time

But who's the Beauty to reveal the Prince

And put him on cloud nine?

© 2008 The Outlaws' Song

~~ Photo Credit: Lolita-art
~~ I LOVE blue eyes :)
~~ I Love this song by Donna Lewis

6 comentarii:

Iv Sadovsky Photography spunea...

It goes something like this...

Le Ben Malina Hen Im

and no it's not spanish:P

D's Poetry spunea...

Actually it's more like this:
Ile e vanima elee Im oio kena..


Anna spunea...

This is very nice poem, thanks for posting. Anna :)

D's Poetry spunea...

Thank you, Anna:)

Percy Bisque Silly spunea...

I've traced thee back and indeed have Writ Poesy on thee.

But this Post suggests... there is Another?

O, Woebetide!

Percy Bisque Silly spunea...


What meanea hath "Spunea?"
It seems a little curea
To see a little wordea
Of which I have no cluea.