luni, 16 martie 2009

Red is the color of Love

My love,for you

by Doina aka The Outlaws' Song

I stand today in front of you
So frail, so thrilled, so white
I stand today in front of you
To speak a lifetime vow.

Our story is long and full of trips
To Heaven… and to Hell
'Cause as you know nothing can go
Always equally well.

But by forgetting the bad moments
It's how people build monuments
So, here in front of you i stand today
Remembering only the good days

You are a flower in the spring,
You are a feather in the wind ,
You are my heart, you make me feel,
You are a storm, never stand still,
You are a rainbow in the sky ,
You are my clown, you make me smile,
You are so silly and so tough,
On bad days you make me laugh,
You are my pie, my ginger-bread,
You call me "honey", I turn red,
You are my wings, my swan, my dove
In one word you are my LOVE.
You make me float up in the sky
Then gently you make me dive.
You light an arson in my body,
I love it when you turn naughty.
We run together through this life
Just like a husband and his wife,
You give me everything I need,
Just like a parent to his kid,
My trust in you will never end,
Because you are my true best friend.
Though I shouldn't be saying this
I always melt into your kiss.
Between us two there is no span
You are my lover, you're my man.

We need no words our feelings to express -
It seems enough if we caress.
And if you want to wipe my pain
Just hold me tight and call my name.
You are so confident and calm,
You hold my dreams into your palm,
You showed me the looks of love,
You save me when myself I rove,
You give me faith, comfort, relief,
You are the strong when I'm the weak,
You are my comfort when I cry,
You are the faith when I deny,
When I am broken you're my hope,
And when I fall you are the rope.
You are the music, you're my song,
You know I've loved you all along,
We have our secret, they don't know-
We have so many ways our love to show,
When we cuddle the skies break,
Because our feelings are not fake,
'Cause we make love in many ways,
Even when we are apart for days,
When we plant flowers, when we cook,
And at the landscapes when we look,
When we talk and spoil each other,
When we laugh and there's no bother,
When we hold each other in the arms,
And even when Sandman comes--
These are the ways our love to show,
Love has the colors of a rainbow.
We are two angels on a kiss,
We are two demons on a fist,
We are two doves on boundless sky,
We are two leaves that float in time,
We are two mermaids in an ocean,
We are the magic in a potion,
We are the arson and the flood,
We are the earthquake and the storm,
We are the princess and her knight,
You are my husband, I'm your wife.

I stood today in front of you
So frail, so thrilled, so white
I stood today in front of you
I spoke my lifetime vow.

© 2008 The Outlaws' Song

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Anna spunea...

I love this poem, every line is inspiring and touching, and btw this line I found very cute: 'You are my clown, you make me smile'. Thanks for sharing, and btw thanks for you recent visit to my blog. Anna :)

D's Poetry spunea...

Thank you,Anna! Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog:)