joi, 12 martie 2009

Have you ever tried to fly?!

~~Since i was a kid I've always wanted to with my own pair of wings. I think this is the biggest impossible dream I have -- to fly like birds and butterflies -- with my own pair of wings. In my imagination flying feels amazing! I love feeling the air hitting my face, blowing in my hair, filling my lungs with its coolness. Flying is amazing but who says it is also simple?! We, humans, fly too though we don't have wings. We fly with our minds,sometimes our feelings are our wings and we let ourselves carried by them, we fly in our imagination, we fly trying to discover and reveal ourselves and just like birds, many times we fail, we fall and hurt ourselves.


by Doina aka. The Outlaws' Song

With a soul pure like a drop of dew
And with the wings of a dauntless angel
I fly…recklessly .. listlessly
I fly and I die
I die in the flight to myself.
Naive ...I play the game of open windows
I look through them
Trying to see who I am
But the windows are only mirrors
Reflecting lies, deceiving
I fly and I crash into them
I am falling down with my wings broken.

© 2008 The Outlaws' Song


~~ You give this poem whatever meaning you want!


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