duminică, 9 decembrie 2012

Christmas Wishlist - Part 1 - Jewelry

~ I like putting up Christmas wishlists...even though I know I won't get any of the items listed. My parents don't have access to my blog and unfortunately I don't have a significant other to play Santa for me. So the only option I have is to be my own Santa but even like this, putting up Christmas wishlists is fun because Christmas is my favorite holiday and because going through my wishes can be somewhat revealing :))

~ So, I won't say that Tiffany is amazing, because everybody already knows that.
 I won't even say that I love 99% of their products.
 I will simply go on, listing a few simple items that I would like to receive from Santa :)

Lock ; Snowflake ; Horse ; Mask ; Ladybug (I completely adore it!!)

Bow bracelet ; Bead Bracelet ; Starfish Bracelet ; Dove earringTwist Ring ; Domed Ring ; I love you Ring ;

Blue Key Necklace ; 3 Keys Necklace ; Blue Heart Lock Necklace ; Star of David Necklace (i really, really love this one) ; Hearts Necklace

 ~ I love the necklaces below designed and crafted by this wonderful artist (click the name of the necklaces for pictures) :
Ocean Blue Necklace
Son of a Beach Necklace
Let's Get Married Necklace

~ And I also like the necklace below that you can find at the The Breast Cancer Site

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