duminică, 11 noiembrie 2012

Just feelings

~ Feelings and pieces of old thoughts written down a long time ago....

                by T.O.S.

  You are like a soft breeze
A breath of fresh air in this messy, stiff world
A drop of clean water
That washes this grey, muddy Earth.
You are my ray of light
That brings warmth and brightness.
And I adore you for being that drop of different,
That drop of smart, that drop of radiant
That I’ve been searching for.
I thank you for sharing your beauty with me
And for accepting mine in return.
I ask you to stay like this forever ~
Never turn off your light, never cool off your warmth
Never change your cleanliness or your softness.
I ask you to stay like this forever ~
Never stop shining, only strive to shine more.
And I ask that you never stop sharing yourself with me
Because you are my source of strength,
You’re the ground that sustains my roots.
In you, with you, from you I grow stronger,
I grow cleaner and warmer.
I ask you to stay in my life and be my light...my water...my air... my ground
Until the end of our time.

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