duminică, 16 decembrie 2012

Christmas wishlist - Part 3 - Books :)

~ Not only clothes, shoes and jewelry make a woman hot. A hot woman has attitude and intellect.
So, to enrich my intellect, here are a few beautiful, interesting, great books that I would gladly read and add to my collection.

The Book of Sand ~ J.L. Borges ;  
The Garden of Eden ~ E. Hemingway;
Breakfast at Tiffany's ~ T. Capote ;
The Beautiful and Damned ~ A.S. Fitzgerald ; 
Dance Dance Dance ~ H. Murakami ;
To Know a Woman ~ Amos Oz

Cancer Ward ~ A. Soljenițîn ;  
The Lost Life of Eva Braun ~ A. Lambert;  
Freud - A Life for Our Time ~ P. Gay ;  
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle ~ H. Murakami ;
The Magus ~ J. Fowles

Mandela's Way ~ R. Stengel ;
Gabriel Garcia Marquez - A life ~ G. Martin;
Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter ~ S. de Beauvoir ;
The Hill of Evil Counsel ~ Amos Oz ;
One Hundred Years of Solitude ~ G. G. Marquez

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