duminică, 16 decembrie 2012

Christmas Wishlist - Part 5 - Fuzzy friends :)

~ I always, under all circumstances and with any occasion, appreciate a new fuzzy friend. I simply love plush toys and I collect them as a successful attempt of keeping my inner child alive.

~ Lotso is a fuzzy friend that I've been wanting to add to my collection for a long time now.
Isn't he lovely?

 ~ The Blue Nose Friends are the kind of friends you can trust that will always stay by your side. They are fluffy, cute and have funny names.

Shelley - The Turtle ; Float - The Manatee ; Whiskers - The Seal

Ramble - The Centipede ; Passion - The Love Bug ; Webster - The Spider

Flame - The Dragon (I so want this one :)) ; Runner - The Ostrich ; Zee Zee - The Goat

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