sâmbătă, 7 august 2010


~I love fish~

The guy below was in a aquarium along with other fish - each of them representing a character from the cartoon called "Finding Nemo". Unfortunately, he was the only one who wanted to pose for me.

~Beautiful creature~

A couple of weeks ago I found a butterfly on my balcony, trapped between the windows. It was so beautiful, so colorful and so scared,moving its wings almost with the speed of a hummingbird.
I helped him find his way out. He climbed on my fingers, touched me so gently and so softly, and he flew away. I regretted not taking a picture of him. To my joy, a couple of days later, while walking outside with Andra, I saw another butterfly, identical to the one I had found on my balcony. These butterflies are playful and fast, so it's pretty difficult to take pictures of them. I did manage to take one picture though.

It is said that when a girl finds a ladybug it is a sign that she'll get married soon. I found this little one crawling up on one of my bedroom walls. Then it flew and rested on my arm for a few minutes.
Will I get married in the near future?!

~A moment of tenderness - Andra & Tina~

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Anna spunea...

D's pretty pretty, I mean you :). The fish is too, but you cannot compare, lol. These are some nice images. Nice story about the butterfly. It always fees good and you free something up, just like you did to the butterfly. Anna :)