luni, 16 august 2010

:) Work.....

This is the newest extension of my body. This thing, or better said creature, is widely known for ringing especially when you are not in your office – which doesn’t mean that you are outside, smocking cigarettes, but you are in other offices with business.

If you find yourselves bound to this type of creature make sure that you have some nice colleagues around, ready to take the calls for you – I, for one, have been blessed with a few such colleagues.

If you weren’t lucky enough to find some kind people to answer the phone in your stead than be happy – the creature will help you save a pretty penny cause with all the running to answer the phone you won’t need to work out in weekends. A few days as a secretary and you will notice an improvement of the muscular tonus, better breathing, awesome heart rate. I can’t guarantee for your nervous system, though. And no, I’m not whining.

Back to our creature – aside from the times when it becomes a total pain in the ass it is the greatest device to get in touch with some awesome people (with funny accents)– like Daniel, Mrs. Niebergall, Shine and Louise, Matthew,etc.

Playing with this baby is not as complicated as it looks like, though the first time I saw it I though – “I’d rather learn how to fly a plane than learn how to use this thing”. But it’s a friendly creature after all. And it covers a big part of my job. I picked a cute ringtone for it, I gave it a name – which is Boo – and now it is all mine :)

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Anna spunea...

D's that is such a cute post. Never thought of that you can actually write so much about phone. I guess kind of its your friend now, lol. Personally I am not a person who likes phones, and especially the mobile ones. On the side note, D's thanks so much for visiting my blog. I been taking a little summer break from blogging to do other things, enjoying summer with Matthew most of the time. He is growing really fast, and every day he is coming up with new things. The other day grabbed my bag, put on his arm and told me: Mommy I going sandy beach!. Have a great weekend my friend. Anna :)