duminică, 22 august 2010

"I need a light, man" - tribute to a friend

~~ This post is a tribute to my friend, Rain. He is one of the awesome writers I have encountered on the internet. When I first started to share my poetry on the web I was afraid that the other writers might not welcome me, since English is my second language and my writings are not as profound and as expressive as theirs.
~~ Rain was one of the wonderful persons who have taken me in and supported me. He is a great writer - very profound, very expressive - his style is unique - great patterns, interesting messages that are not hard to follow through the details, the imageries and the figures of speech.
~~ Here is one of his poems - "I need a light, man"

man, i need a light
to light my cigarette
to find my way
i need a light that chases rats away
not some ordinary light you buy on ebay
i need a super duper light
a light that warns in coming ships light
a bright light, and end to life light
i want a light that blinds the sight light
i'm tired of being in the dark
i need a light up the night light
no batteries...no plugs
a light that shines on the thugs light
that shows me what's right light
i can't use no pen light
got no use for a brake light
i want one of those hollywood premiere lights
criss cross the sky light
i want don't want star light, sun light, head lights
kill the bugs at night light..
i don't want no candle light
no downtown neon light
i'm scared of shadows and cats
creepy clowns and lamp post bats

man, i need a light
can't see shit from this night stand
i want an industrial strength light,man
give me something that makes lie's run
i'm sick of standin in the shadows of the sun
not sure what's real..
not sure what i feel
because they hide the truth they steal

man, i need a light
nothing but the facts, mam
not some jazz from graceland
not some warm milk from never never land
never play chess with a blind man
or follow a cat with an armband
i want to know my cash is right
you can't see change with a flashlight
i want a light that's always on
not now you see it...now it's gone
show me the promise land light
just something i can hold on tight
i need a light, man

© Ray Neighbor

~~ You can find Rain here
~~ Drawing by Me :)

2 comentarii:

Anna spunea...

D's beautiful tribute to your friend, and wow factor for the poem. Loved every word of it, and it actually put smile on my face. Anna :)

jeff spunea...

And me, I need you...!
You're so beautiful on your photography...