duminică, 11 iulie 2010

She loves me

~ I usually visit my grandma on weekends. I enjoy every minute spent with her. She is probably the strongest and wisest person I have ever met and I love her tremendously.
Nothing is more precious to me than her voice calling me "sweetheart" and I know that there won't be many persons in this lifetime that will tell me a more sincere or a more intense "I love you".
~ She also cooks the best food in the whole wide world. I wouldn't need any fancy, expensive, exotic food if I had one dish made by her.
~ She is my friend, my counselor, my mom, my grandma. There's not one topic we can't discuss - we talk girls stuff, politics, books.
~ Her life was very tumultuous, she's been through more stuff than most people go through in a lifetime - that's probably why she gives the best pieces of advice. She also has a great intuitive ability and she "reads" people easily.
~ She is also the person I respect the most - for all that she is, for her strength, for all the efforts she made to raise me and my brother up, for all the good things she made out of nothing.
~ I love you, granny :)

As beautiful as this song....that's how beautiful my grandma is.

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Anna spunea...

D's this is beautiful post for your grandmother. You are so sweet. I only have on grandmother left, from my mom side, and just recently (past few years) we grown more closer, meaning having 19 grandchildren, it is hard to keep up. Anna :)