miercuri, 5 mai 2010


~ I'm superhappy that I have finally found a job! Hurray:):) I'm very excited about it. The fact that I have to wake up very early in the morning sucks a bit but I'm the kind of person who puts a lot of passion and love in almost everything she does. So I've realized that I actually love spring mornings with their soft air and dew drops and bird songs.
~ Though I've been as busy as a bee, I still had time to listen to music (I admit, I'm addicted to it:D). Here's my favorite song for the moment:

~ On another note, here is my latest acquisition - his name is Danny. Every time I go out with my mom she has to buy me something - a little something, anything, something that's not on the list but I totally need - be it a pen, a funny shapped rubber, sweets or a plushy.
So here is Danny, my angel teddy bear:)

2 comentarii:

Flore spunea...

Hello D!
Congratulations for the job !
I hope it's not too hard the morning (this week is horrible, I almost went back to sleep this morning !)
Dany has a funny face ! I'm sure he will bring you a lot of love and happiness !

Anna spunea...

D's congratulations on your new job, and good luck. You will do well. Nice little bear. You have really special relationship with your mom, it is really nice to see. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Anna :)