marți, 25 mai 2010


~ Flowers, books and plushies are the perfect gifts for me. Since my best friend is very thoughtful and knows almost everything about me she knew I'd love this book. So she gave it to me as a gift:)

~ I love all flowers but roses, along with calla lilies and orchids, are my favorite flowers. I received this beautiful rose from one of my work mates:)

~It's been a beautiful day both inside my heart and outside:)

~ A decade ago I wouldn't have believed I would ever reach this age but here I am today celebrating by 22nd b-day:)
~ I'm grateful for everything I have, for everything I was given and for everything I have achieved.
~ Life is sooooooo beautiful:):)

4 comentarii:

Iv Sadovsky Photography spunea...

No man is an island, 300 words :P

Flore spunea...

Happy birthday !
I hope you had a beautiful day !!


D's World spunea...

Thank you, Flore:)

Anna spunea...

Doina happy belated birthday girl. I am glad that you are happy camper, and 22, oh boy you are still very young. Hope you had a good one, and everything is well. Anna :)