marți, 27 aprilie 2010

Made of plush

~ I think you already know by now what a huge plushies lover I am. I hold a special place for them in my room and in my heart. They are a precious reminder of my childhood.

~For awhile now I’ve been a fan of various brands of plushies. I find it hard to find cute plushies in the stores today. So it’s always a nice surprise when I discover new brands that actually make supercute stuffies.

~Aurora World Inc. is my latest discovery. Aurora’s plushies are cute, fluffy, loveable and affordable. I love them, I can’t help it.

~ Here is a selection of cute plushies, all made by Aurora World Inc. Aren't they cute?

I. Puppies

1. Prince
2. Pal
3. Beasley

II. Sea Life

4. Surf
5. Call Otter

III. Wild Life

6. Chi
7. Leona
8. Meerkat
9. Taz
10. Pucker up Lion
11. Peanut
12. Regal Eagle
13. Elephant
14. Queensland

IV. Teddy Bears

15. Hunter's Hope Bear
16. Slushy
17. So bashful
18. Blankie-Pink

V. Around the house

19. Gretel
20. Goldie
21. Percy
22. Horse with English Saddle

VI. Dragons and Dinos

23. Pteranodon
24. Blue Dragon

VII. YooHoo and The Friends Collection

25. Lesser Panda
26. Capuchin
27. Penguin
28. YooHoo Lavender

VIII. Tubbie Wubbie Collection
29. Chimp
30. Hippo
31. Elephant

IX. If your baby girl ever wished to carry her pet in her fancy purse, here's the best solution

32. Horse
33. Scrunchy Pink
34. Dolphin
35. Silver and Bows Pet Carrier
36. Fancy Scrunchy

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