vineri, 2 aprilie 2010


~The last 4 days have been pretty exhausting. Cleaning, helping my mom and grandma with all the cooking for Easter!
~A couple of days ago, while cleaning the balcony, I felt something little and round under my foot. When I looked to see what it was I saw a tiny ladybug lying under my foot. I picked her up, put her on my palm and looked if she was still alive. After a couple of seconds of staring at the little insect she stretched her tiny legs and started walking up and down my arm.
~I even managed to take a picture of her:)
~I felt so happy that she was still alive.
~At the end of our meeting the little ladybug stretched her wings and flew away:)
~I love Spring!

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Anna spunea...

D's you know they are like that. Excellent capture, it isn't that easy to get moments like that - I guess that was your lucky lady bug, Anna :)