sâmbătă, 16 ianuarie 2010

A few...

...very cute things I'd like to own:)

~~ Onesie Card - Baby Boy via Giftz and Greetingz

You can also visit the blog: http://www.giftzandgreetingz.blogspot.com/

~~ Thunder Egg Jasper pendant with brown ribbon necklace (I think this stone is simply wonderful) via Vitrine

And the blog: http://vitrinebycandice.blogspot.com

~~ Spring Brooch (Silver, paper and acrylic paint - INTERESTING) via eli arenas jewellery

~~ ROSIE the SNOWGIRL Tutorial (This is a book about lampworking but I think that the snowman is just adorable) via Original Whimsical Glass Beads By Maria Grimes

Also visit Maria's very cute site: http://www.gardenpathbeads.com/

~~ Deep Lavender/chestnut Vintage-style Butterflies (I love butterflies) via The Gilded Bee

You'll find a ton more wonderful handmade decorations @ Gilded Bee etsy shop.

~~ 1950's Vintage Polka-Dot Red Dress (I LOVE it) via Timeless Vixen

~~ YOU are ALWAYS in MY HEART Necklace (Personalized jewelry) via Simag

~~ Nature Dangle Earrings via SimonDesigns

~~ Funky Mookah Pod (i love the red-white combination) via Mookah

~~ Pink Plaid Custom Dog Collar (so trendy and cute) via Pecan Pie Puppies

Also check out: http://www.pecanpiepuppies.blogspot.com/

~~ OPI PUPPY SLIPPERS (Aren't they adorable?!)


Wow what a long post!

~~ On a different note I must share with you my newest obsession - Thriving Ivory and their version of "Kiss the Rain" - I'm CRAZY about this song:)

~~Enjoy your day!!:)

2 comentarii:

Pretty Things spunea...

That vintage red dress is DIVINE!!!!

cindy spunea...

Thanks for sharing your finds...that onesie card is so adorable...love how they placed the buttons for snaps. And I agree...the vintage dress is so sweet!