sâmbătă, 31 octombrie 2009

Spooky Halloween!

~~ Hello there!
~~ I hope you're having a spooky/happy Halloween!
~~ I'll leave you with a poem and with my best wishes of a wonderful weekend!
~~ Hugs your way!!

One dream, one reality

by T.O.S.

My eyes are now two little holes,
I'm all darkness, light is gone.
Big temptations I now see,
I don't know that deceptions they'll be.

God and faith, they are forgotten
I believe in Satan – my Darkened Master
For he promised to give me all
If I jump into his fiery hole.

Satan come into my dreams
And laughing, he told me this:
Do not go looking for me
For you'll find out there's no need
Cause I shall find you by myself
There's no place to hide from Hell.
For your soul, my dear disciple,
Your enemies I'll hurt and humble.
Guilty temptations in their eyes
I will put to make them fight
For so I'll steal their energy
And make them lie in misery.
With my cunning I allure,
The fallen I make endure.
Their desire’s price is high
Don't you see? I always lie!!
Cause temptations are a mask,
Fire and torture are the rest,
But you, people, are too proud
For a breath Heaven you want.
Usually you're so ignorant
You forget what's most important
Mephisto is my real name
You give your soul, I give you Hell.
You always live in fantasy
And blindly follow my blind alley
Real sinners - that's what I love
There's no escape – not even from the one above
To give my words credibility –
This ain't a dream; it's reality
Girl, you too thought I could be kind
But now, my dear, your soul is mine."

© 2008 The Outlaws' Song

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Iv Sadovsky Photography spunea...

hmmm...trick or treat smell my feet, gimme something good to eat:P

Denise spunea...

Hi D- I just love your cute Halloween drawing- it's so adorable! Hope you had a good weekend kiddo!

Priscila spunea...

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