marți, 13 octombrie 2009

Question for my readers

~~ Okay, so has any of you read the novel entitled Siddhartha by Herman Hesse?
~~ From what I know, Siddhartha was the novel that stood at the foundation of the Flower-Power movement.
~~ I read Demian by H. Hesse and loved it.
~~ So - for those who read Siddhartha - any special impressions or recommendations?
~~ I have the book in .pdf format and I'm looking forward to reading it but wanted your opinion first
~~ Thanks Wish you an incredibly wonderful week!

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Michael St. James spunea...

I saw the movie starring Keanu Reeves. It was really good! Thanks for sharing. Awesome blog!

Anna spunea...

Doina I wish I could help you, lol, but most of my life been reading lot of technical stuff, not very interesting, and now with all the blogging, blogs are my books, lol. Hope you are doing well otherwise. Anna :)

becca. spunea...

lovely poetry, you are very talented! :)
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becca. spunea...

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)
hope you have a good weekend!

Crisa spunea...

Hello dear friend! How are you?
Here is a book you must read, it will change completely they way you see and perceive love. :)

Cand iubesti...

Maria spunea...

GREAT book! I loved all books by Herman Hesse when I was your age. Another author you might like is Paulo Coelho. He's from Brazil, but world renowned.