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Happy Anniversary to my Inner Child!

~~ 1st of June - Happy Kids Day!
~~ This post is dedicated to all the people who have managed to grow up without killing their inner children. To those of you who keep a young spirit and a childish heart. To those of you who are still able to see the world through the eyes of a child.Happy Kids Day to all of you!

by Doina aka T.O.S.

Youth, holiest fairy of all

You embrace my body and dwell inside my soul

You give me wings to fly beyond what my sight reveals

You feed me hope, light and relief.

I am young – my age pours out of every breath I take

I live each day without a care for snow or rain

The sand goes through the hour-glass so slowly

That’s why I don’t mind if in my travel I’m accompanied or lonely.

Life is just opening its doors for me

It’s like I’d have an eternity on this Earth myself to be

I am snail walking through life – I have the time to do so.

To stroll forgotten alleys and listen to the whispers,

To watch the insects and their flight,

To ponder over nothingness.

This is the time when life looks pink

When dreams and hopes can raise and die in a wink

But there is always something new to catch my eye

That’s why I don’t mind if a dream might die.

This Earth is rich and blessed with much abundance

There are so many beauties to be seen, so many wonders!!

Too bad that we forget to watch them with an open heart

And let them bring us peace and bless us with their art!

Somehow I know my eyes give sense to the existence

Of stars and grass and little creature

Because, being a child, I am convinced they matter

I find my place among them – nature’s my alma mater.

I am snail walking through this life – and keep my eyes wide open

I pity those who rush their time and live with hearts so broken.

I praise the art of staying young by keeping alive the secret

Dropping all arms and giving in – remember – it’s not cricket.

Believe in life and keep your faith, don’t let yourselves forgotten

Dance in the grass and smile with the beauty this Earth’s begotten

Sing with the birds and like the Sun don’t lose the hope of raising

And when the time for setting comes accept it stately, without fighting.

But make sure you have spent your time slowly and witty

That you’ve enjoyed the little wonders that are seemingly petty

And if you honestly desire in this life to be happy

Just please remember – happiness is never brought by things that are material or bulky.

Snail-walk with me and keep inside a soul most pure

Snail-walk with me and learn to act at once childish and mature

You see – this is my secret and my truth

Happiness and peace are brought to me by this fairy called so beautifully Youth.

© The Outlaws' Song 2009


~~ Photo Credit: RowanIris -- see her gallery here

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Iv Sadovsky Photography spunea...

Hah...tare....multam pt poza:)

Lisa spunea...

Beautiful, as always, I just love your work. Yes, so often that child becomes less and less visible. Then, when you least expect it, at middle age, it creeps back in!! Yay! Take care, Lisa C.

Anonim spunea...

So favorite line is:
"Sing with the birds and like the Sun don’t lose the hope of raising"

So,so,very true!!

Anonim spunea...

Not sure if my comment went through or not- I will do this as anonymous.
I really liked this one, especially the line about sining with the birds! Very Nice!!

D's Poetry spunea...

Lisa - thank you very much for your kindness and support!

Anonymous - yes, both of your comments went through:) Thank you so much for reviewing my work!

Denise spunea...

Doina! I posted as anonymous up above- I couldn't get logged in properly lastnight, I am so sorry about that!!:)

D's Poetry spunea...

No prob,Denise! Thank you so much for your comments!

Anna spunea...

Hey Doina, I feel like a child all the time, and especially now when I play with Matthew, I think I learned how to crawl better than him, lol. Thanks for beautiful wishes, and poem. Anna :)

Hazelmarie Elliott (Mattie) spunea...

I have been away taking care of a few health problems. Your blog was one of my first stops upon returning.

The gentle movement of your poem filled me with delight...I truly loved it.(smile) As you grow older, always remember to hold onto that 'inner child'. Never lose sight of it...


BooDy spunea...

Nicole Leigh spunea...

I love this- you're amazing, I have a tear in my eye...

Anna spunea...

D's nice blog make over!
Anna :)