sâmbătă, 21 mai 2011

Poetry for D

~ Only that this time D doesn't stand for Doina....

Christmas morning

Just like a Christmas morning you are

Fresh and funny like the millions of snowflakes falling freely from the sky

With that ocean of peace and calm and quiet that lies beyond them.

Full of wonderful surprises wrapped up in glittery paper and colorful strings

Awaiting for someone to see, reveal and accept them.

Just like a Christmas morning…

With that bit of stingy coldness that freezes noses and fills lungs with icy air

And with its sweet, familiar smell of ginger and orange and cinnamon.


Anxious and happy like a child I reveal your surprises one by one

I sit and unwrap them while they fill my heart with joy and love and gratitude.

I discover and fall in love with you again and again

Because somehow you always stay new.

I breathe your coolness that freezes my nose and tickles my cheeks,

I sip from your ocean and I find comfort and relief,

I taste from your ginger and orange and cinnamon smell and I feel safe

Because in my heart I know I am home.

© 2011 The Outlaws' Song

~ photo credit: Treshca

3 comentarii:

Iv Sadovsky Photography spunea...

the first line of the text sounds familiar

D's World spunea...

I know it does but it doesn't belong to me anymore ;)

nicole spunea...

this is so beautiful. you paint with words a really sincere and thoughtful picture! xoxo