luni, 8 martie 2010

Happy B-day, dear Blog:)

~ I signed up on Blogger in February, last year, but my first "article" was posted on the 8th of March 2009. My baby blog turns one year old today:)
~ To celebrate I shall repost the poem entitled "Broken Soul", the same poem I posted a year ago.
~ The poem is written for someone very dear to me. I won't reveal his identity but I will let you know that he is a person for whom I carry a very deep and sincere appreciation and affection.
~ Before I actually write down the poem I want to take a moment and wish Happiness and Love to all women and mothers who read my blog.
~ So here it is, "Broken Soul":)

Broken soul, torn and worn out,
Prisoner inside and out,
Shadow of a cold dark past,
Grieving angel and outcast,

Broken soul of porcelain,
Canvas overcast and so unclean,
Remember how you were in your past days -
Bright ray of Sun, pure drop of Rain.

Wipe away the dust of sorrow,
Relight the candle of tomorrow,
Stand up, don't kneel and crawl,
Bravely carry on shoulders your heavy world.

Child in Time and Son of Doom,
Exhibition of scars made up of gloom,
You wear on face double disguise -
One side is happy, the other one constantly cries.

You make yourself content with screeds
But make them look as if they're what you need,
You've never found the place where you belong
You fear Time and people who forget your song.

Name of God made up of sweat and tears,
Heavy icon of those who can listen and hear,
Over you Oblivion will never lie,
Your name is carved in stones that never die.

But souls aren't made of dimes,
Nor of fame and glorious times.
They are like little turtle doves -
They need a pair and live through love.

Broken Soul go find your love
And through life together shove,
Look for the soul who can complete your puzzle
And take your time to heal, don't hustle.

Look for the girl whose eyes will never lie,
To whom to give yourself without a blink of eye,
The one who has the key your heart's core to unlock
By your hand, until the end of time, through pain to walk.

The one who'd never ask for compromises for her whims,
But who would gladly follow you even in dreams;
Her, who would smile for you each night and day
And, when in doubts, would help you find the way.

Her, whose voice gives you the feel you'll never wilt
And who would never let you bare a guilt,
Her, who can chase away the dark inside your heart
And who would never let your old heart break apart.

Look for HER --
the girl who can turn your shards back into a piece of Sun,
Who can bring to life the canvas and reveal your colors one by one,
The pair...soul mate...echo..half of a soul so broken,
Find her and give your love for so long kept unspoken.

Broken Soul, worn out and torn,
Caged behind a locked up door
You are afraid to stand up from the ground,
You think to sadness you are bound,

But it's your fault that your hope died -
you stopped believing and started downward to fly.
And now you find yourself in a precipice so harmful and so endless
Where only your Soul Mate could find you and heal you with her tenderness.

© 2008 The Outlaws' Song

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Flore spunea...

Happy Birthday little blog !!! :)

Iv Sadovsky Photography spunea...

foarte tare kinder

Anna spunea...

D's happy belated birthday, you are doing well. Anna :)

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