marți, 23 februarie 2010

Wind of Spring, Wind of Change

~ Hello, everyone:) I know it's been quite some time since my last post. I hope this post finds you well and happy and smiling at life:)
~ From my last post, a lot has happened in my life. One of the things would be that I graduated the second college so now I have a BA degree in Social Work too. My paper, “Music Therapy and the beneficiaries diagnosed with Schizophrenia” (it’s not the exact title and it sounds better in my language), got all the profs excited and was marked with a straight and well-deserved A. On another note, Spring is knocking on the door along with a few changes.
~ I can't believe Spring is almost here. I am so happy!!! Spring is definitely my season. I love it. From the fresh wind and drops of dew in the morning, to the shy sun showing up from between the clouds, to the extraordinary rebirth of nature, to the plethora of flowers, to the chilly nights and everything in between all these. After 4 months of heavy snow and deadly cold wind, Winter is finally making room for Spring to show up in the picture:). Today was such a beautiful day that I just couldn’t resist and went out for a long walk with my best friend, Andra!
~ With all this season changing came another change. It is not definite yet but I hope it will be soon enough. I am full to the brim with all the crap about the economical depression. I think it was, among everything else, a great excuse for employers to decrease salaries and to make it impossible to find a job. After deep search and much effort I have finally found a job. Hurray!!! Right now I am in the middle of a trial period but I hope I get the job. I am so excited about it – I get to meet new people, learn new things – it’s great!!! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!!
~ In my agenda there is also a BLOG Re-Do. I’m planning on changing a few things about my blog, to work a little on the design, add a few banners and links, change the colors and fonts, etc. I’m not sure when this change will happen but I hope it does soon:)
~ Thanks for reading. Wish you a happy and colorful Spring!!
PS: This is something I must share with you. I am hopelessly in love with this song and with the guy's boots and chains:) Aren't they amazing?!:):):)

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Flore spunea...

Hi D !
Nice blog ! And congrats for your graduate ! Your paper seems very interesting.
My thesis was about music, but professional music, I mean, it was about the promotion made by the independent record company. What can we do now when we are a small record company, that we don't have money, that the public prefers the P2P than a real CD ... I loved writing it and talked about it during my viva, but it's better now !
Anyway, beautiful blog ! Hope to see you on mine !



PS: your profile picture (facebook's one) is beautiful ! :)

Anna spunea...

D's congratulations my friend on school completion, on the A, on the new job potential. Hope it will work out for you. I love spring too, but unfortunately we probably will have few more weeks to go, just got snowed in. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you are the best, and good luck again. Anna :)