marți, 1 ianuarie 2013

Hello, 2013 :)

Hoping for a lucky, healthy, happy and love-filled 2013!

duminică, 16 decembrie 2012

Christmas Wishlist

On a more serious note, what I really want for Christmas is that all my dear ones stay healthy, happy, hopeful and strong. I want peaceful and happy holidays for everybody.
And for myself - well, what I really really want is a beautiful, clean, exciting relationship. I hope Santa brings me the love of a significant other - that's what I really want. It's something I've never had and now I want it with all my heart :)
Wouldn't it be fun to find a boyfriend under my tree - all wrapped up in glittery paper and with a ribbon on him?! :))

Christmas Wishlist - Part 5 - Fuzzy friends :)

~ I always, under all circumstances and with any occasion, appreciate a new fuzzy friend. I simply love plush toys and I collect them as a successful attempt of keeping my inner child alive.

~ Lotso is a fuzzy friend that I've been wanting to add to my collection for a long time now.
Isn't he lovely?

 ~ The Blue Nose Friends are the kind of friends you can trust that will always stay by your side. They are fluffy, cute and have funny names.

Shelley - The Turtle ; Float - The Manatee ; Whiskers - The Seal

Ramble - The Centipede ; Passion - The Love Bug ; Webster - The Spider

Flame - The Dragon (I so want this one :)) ; Runner - The Ostrich ; Zee Zee - The Goat

Christmas Wishlist - Part 4 - Fragrances & Dresses

Dress - here ; Fragrance - Hypnose by Lancome

Dress - here ; Fragrance - L'Eau D'Issey Florale by Issey Miyake
 Dress  - here (+ bolero) ; Fragrance - Amor Amor by Cacharel

 Dress - here ; Fragrance - Rush by Gucci

Dress - here ; Fragrance - I Love Love by Mosquino

Dress  - here ; Fragrance - Omnia Coral by Bulgari

Dress  - here ; Fragrance - Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

Dress - here ; Fragrance - Burberry Sport

Christmas wishlist - Part 3 - Books :)

~ Not only clothes, shoes and jewelry make a woman hot. A hot woman has attitude and intellect.
So, to enrich my intellect, here are a few beautiful, interesting, great books that I would gladly read and add to my collection.

The Book of Sand ~ J.L. Borges ;  
The Garden of Eden ~ E. Hemingway;
Breakfast at Tiffany's ~ T. Capote ;
The Beautiful and Damned ~ A.S. Fitzgerald ; 
Dance Dance Dance ~ H. Murakami ;
To Know a Woman ~ Amos Oz

Cancer Ward ~ A. Soljenițîn ;  
The Lost Life of Eva Braun ~ A. Lambert;  
Freud - A Life for Our Time ~ P. Gay ;  
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle ~ H. Murakami ;
The Magus ~ J. Fowles

Mandela's Way ~ R. Stengel ;
Gabriel Garcia Marquez - A life ~ G. Martin;
Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter ~ S. de Beauvoir ;
The Hill of Evil Counsel ~ Amos Oz ;
One Hundred Years of Solitude ~ G. G. Marquez

joi, 13 decembrie 2012

Christmas wishlist - Part 2 - Shoes

~ Okay, so the truth is that if I had the money and the space, I would probably own hundreds of pairs of shoes (and all the possible clothes assorted to them :))

1. Ruthie Davis ; 2. YSL ; 3. Philipp Plein

4. Casadei ; 5. Michael Antonio ; 6. Marco Tozzi

7. Calvin Klein ; 8. Nine West ; 9. Salvatore Ferragamo

10. Ruthie Davis ; 11. Ruthie Davis ; 12. Ruthie Davis

duminică, 9 decembrie 2012

Christmas Wishlist - Part 1 - Jewelry

~ I like putting up Christmas wishlists...even though I know I won't get any of the items listed. My parents don't have access to my blog and unfortunately I don't have a significant other to play Santa for me. So the only option I have is to be my own Santa but even like this, putting up Christmas wishlists is fun because Christmas is my favorite holiday and because going through my wishes can be somewhat revealing :))

~ So, I won't say that Tiffany is amazing, because everybody already knows that.
 I won't even say that I love 99% of their products.
 I will simply go on, listing a few simple items that I would like to receive from Santa :)

Lock ; Snowflake ; Horse ; Mask ; Ladybug (I completely adore it!!)

Bow bracelet ; Bead Bracelet ; Starfish Bracelet ; Dove earringTwist Ring ; Domed Ring ; I love you Ring ;

Blue Key Necklace ; 3 Keys Necklace ; Blue Heart Lock Necklace ; Star of David Necklace (i really, really love this one) ; Hearts Necklace

 ~ I love the necklaces below designed and crafted by this wonderful artist (click the name of the necklaces for pictures) :
Ocean Blue Necklace
Son of a Beach Necklace
Let's Get Married Necklace

~ And I also like the necklace below that you can find at the The Breast Cancer Site